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AH Buying error: 32105

I attempted to buy a rare item "Crystal Fist" in the auction house. The first time i tried, I got a "request timeout error", so I tried it again. First time I bid all my gold, I believe 8272. The second time I bid, same item, I bid 8200 and received the 32105 error. Now under auctions it states I'm not winning even though the current bid is only 5000 and under completed the auction status is failed. So not only am I not winning on an auction that I should be winning, I have no way to send my gold back to my stash. AH cleaned me out, I now have 0 gold and I want it back or the item if I win the auction, but it doesn't end for almost 2 days. So, am I really winning the auction, or is my gold floating around somewhere in space?

Order ID 13149605.

Please fix it!
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I also have this problem trying to put up my BLESSED HULK mace how do iget this fixed.
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Same Error when trying to put up a pair of boots (Brave Talons)

I put up another Auction OK, so must be item specific. How about you just give me the 10K gold blizzard and I will drop them :)
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Same problem with trying to put up Stark Hulk mace on AH. Whats with the Hulks' :P?
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I want to sell the rare mace and it has a same error.....
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same i cant put up my hommoculus for sale
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I just lost 60k of gold to the same error. I buyout a rare bracer for 60k, and the item was taken off the auction, however, although my gold were reduced, the item never appear in my stash.
49724108 (transaction ID)
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The same thing happen to me 2...... I just lost 30k on purchasing and the item never arrive in the stash. The transaction code is 49650559 and the error code is 32105, feel so bad now. ><
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same here cant sell my helmet called: star fiend. error 32105 is it a hacked piece of gear? or is it something else?
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Are we going to be reimbursed for what we lost? I mean !@#$.
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I encountered the same error and in the completed tab, it showed the transaction had failed. I had not received the item or my gold back (~250K).

Order ID: 50633439

Please help.
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ya i had the same error its not so funny when it looks like this! [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/invmv7.jpg[/IMG]
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same thing here, bought an armor and I lost 80k gold and my buyout failed... ID 51542007
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Is anyone getting their gold or item?

I lost 100k and would enjoy getting it back.

Pretty weak.
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i lost 50k here

id: 55378710

thx blizard ;> or item would b ok too
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Yea my transaction id was:


This problem continues to occur.
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same problem here, bought the stuff, and buyout fail
not getting money or item
id: 45321999
id: 45392517
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Same. but i buy out my items times out and i get no item and no refund.... sucks...
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Went to buyout item. It said communicating...and I clicked the OK button and poof...no gold and no Item even though it shows as a completed auction, and it showed sold in the Auction house....
Sounds like the same issue
Auction ID 56019196
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