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i will try to give constructive Feedback on the D3 Itemization so far (not english native-speaker i have to admit). I have played D2 a very long time and i am comeing from the -what i think describes it best- D2-Hardcore playing fraction of gamers, which were eager to get hands on D3 as fast as i can.

First one important thing: The Monsters and the difficulty to beat them is very good. Its getting hard to beat them, even in Nightmare you will die if you dont play carefully.

I am fine with the quantity of the blue drops and with the quality too. I still like the randomization of drops i see in D3, i also do like the crafting system so you actually get the blue drops and can do something with it. In D2 most of the blue drops went to the ground and weren't looked at. Thats much better now.

I am also fine with the yellow drops in quantity EXCEPT Bossloot. In Normal difficulty everthing was as it was in D2 - Bosses drop on their first kill, some good, some crap, thats fine. After Normal, since beginning Nightmare Bosses don't drop yellow (or better?) Loot in their first kill. I don't know if that is intended (i vaguely remember an interview with someone from Blizzard telling the first time bosses are killed there will be extra loot), so i think this is a bug oder actually not intended. If it is intended please fix it like it was in D2. Every boss mob should have an increased chance to drop a rare or something. At least the final bosses should do this. Its quite frustrating killing the butcher in nightmare and getting worse loot than killing him in normal.

Legendary Loots: i am very fine with the droprate. They are legendary! Please don't listen to the people on the forums wanting more legendary drops. BUT i think they have a flaw in design. They are so totally random that most of them aren't fun to get. They are yellows with one more stat (and due to randomization mostly a useless stat). So the fix attributes on Legendarys should be so shinig that someone actually farms for it. Its nothing like D2 now, where you farmed Magefist for getting MF oder Windforce to get your Amazon the best weapon available. Right now the best weapon available is probably a yellow Bow with a good stat combo you cannot farm for. This just -feels- strange and not right. Legendarys don't need to be good for any class, thats what we have the ah for.

Character-Based Itemization:
Thats fine for me. I'd like to have Skill-specific-Buffs on items as you had in D2, you decided to go another way and makeing class-specific itemstats. BUT please make Char-specific Buffs on items available on all Item Slots. Why shouldn't there be a Neck with +Hated regeneration for example? You could use this to make Legendarys much more attractive too.

As i understand your philosophy which you as a company do for a long time (probably since D2) in planning a game inclusive addons, so i really think most of this points are familiar to you (the itemisation right now is quite similar to D2, we have very few legendarys and sets (D2 had only 8 Sets in the beginning) and with LoD you gave the full load, the players now are missing) and i hope you plan on some of the suggestions i made already. I place a bet we will get runewords in the first D3-Expansions, if you don't plan on it - put them in they we're some of the best fun in D2.
I think for some of the changes we have to wait till an expansion

But some things you can change probably earlier, which would make the game even better than it is (and it is great right now)

- Please fix that Bosses don't have increased drop chance post-Normal mode, if it is intended as it works right now, change it please. That was something D2 was played for. And its simply frustrating at the moment. Drop rates of yellow Items from normal monsters are fine.

- Stay with the low drop rate of legendarys (thats fine) but please make the legendarys (and sets) become items someone actually wants and want to farm for. Give them specials! They don't have to be totally random, the should shine with their other stats (D2 was totally fine with legendarys). Sets could use this too.

- Make Class-Specific Itemstats available on all Item Slots (in my opinion there is no sense in not doing so)

- Some more low-level Sets and Legendarys would be fine (though i think we won't get this before an expansion, as it is exactly the same as you did lots of years before with D2)

- For an Expansion (i don't think that its realistic to get it before and i simply assume you are already working on it)- give Runes and Runewords please.

Ssssshhh...long text....have..to...kill...more..mobs..
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A short info IF it is intended that Bosses post-Normal Mode don't give Extra loot would be fine though. There would be less theorycrafting then i think :)
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MMM cant argue with most of your points , they are true.

Just make the legendaries interesting , thats all. I feel like the developers think its playerbase will be all Wow players or something. And that we would be content grinding endlessly at different legendaries till one legendary drops with stats that are favourable.

D3 has grinding , sure. But it was never about mild stat increases and bland +stat upgrades. These games thrive on ridiculous proc's and buffs.

Like check this old d2 item out ,

Two-Hand Damage: (204-234) To (421-483) (312.5-358.5 Avg)
Required Level: 75
Required Strength: 164
Required Dexterity: 55
Durability: 50
Weapon Speed: [10]
+240-290% Enhanced Damage (varies)
25% Chance Of Crushing Blow
30% Increased Attack Speed
-33% Target Defense
50% Chance To Cast Level 6 Decrepify When You Kill An Enemy

The stats were mostly static (which is good). And it gave 25% chance of crushing blow + 50% chance to cast lvl 6 decrepify when you kill an enemy. Those 2 things alone are 100000x times more interesting than "+130 dexterity".

What about armors?

Defense: 1127-1262 (varies)(Base Defense: 417-450)
Required Level: 55
Required Strength: 170
Durability: 60
+150-180% Enhanced Defense (varies)
Level 5 Corpse Explosion (40 Charges)
Adds 12-36 Fire Damage
6% Chance To Cast Level 2 Iron Maiden When Struck
Cold Resist +35%
+10 To Vitality
+8 To Strength

Proc aside , you knew what you were getting. After some time playing you knew what a corpsemourn looked like because of its static stats. And you would seek the item for this reason. The random stat thing really ruins the uniqueness of legendaries.
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Yep. You are right. I just really wonder what their thoughts were on these things. I mean, they played D2 (i hope at least some of them did), and according to Mr. Wilson they Playtested a lot later difficulties. Seems strange that Blizzard didn't notice this.
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I totally agree with you on every single point, and I will add two things.

One, I hate how the leveling feels like WoW, I want to put the points in the stats I want. Not get a +3int, +2dex, +2vit, +1str when I level. I want the option to put all in intellect if I so desired, and they can add a guy that for some money allows you to respec all your stats.

Two, I have killed Azmodan more than 30 times on nightmare wearing 164% magic find with a friend. He dropped 2-3 blues for my friend each kill and 3-5 blues for me. If I just farmed normal creeps I would have about 15-20 yellows and maybe even a legendary for the time it took me to kill him 30 times.

Also, why is the maximum on armor gear magic find 12% even on uniques, 25% amulet 0% weapon. I just bought max mf from the auction house for about 300k gold and I can still kill things on Act 2 hell alone with no problem.
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