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Ok so I'm on Act 3 of Nightmare Difficulty, I'm lvl 42 and this is the build I'm using http://us.battle.net...ZdXV!bYe!aaabZZ . I've mostly been playing solo, and i will probably continue to solo till late hell.

For my build im mostly spamming multi shot and generating hatred with bola shot, if i need single target dps ill use impale iinstead of multi shot. For survivability I use vault and smoke screen and they are helping alot. My last skill is prep runed to restore hatred so i can keep spamming impale or multi shot.

I've been having a really hard time lately, i seem to get one or two shotted my mobs. I think it has alot to do with my gear, I have around 4,000 hp pool, and around 1,000 dps, which i think is really low for my lvl. I dont have much gold only around 30k so i cant really buy stuff on the AH, where are some places i can farm good gear or should i try crafting?

Any tips or advices on my build or what I can improve on is very much appreciated


NOTE: i sometimes switch out bola for hungering arrow with scatter shot and caltrops for smoke screen
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stack more vitality and change the preparation to the healing one, you can drop vault, i can't think of a time that smoke screen isn't better to use than it
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05/19/2012 06:35 AMPosted by whyterice
stack more vitality and change the preparation to the healing one, you can drop vault, i can't think of a time that smoke screen isn't better to use than it

+1 on this. I was having issues but after working in more vitality, I'm level 49 (at act 4 of nightmare) sitting on a pool of about 15k health. IMHO, unless gear has both Dex and Vit it's probably not worth using. If you are having trouble finding gear, check the vendors, as I've seen some good blues from there time to time.
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- change Preparation rune to Battle scar for healing
- replace Vault for Caltrops (Jagged spike rune or the immobilize one) if u are not multiplying

For boss u can replace Bola shot rune with the one that provides stun. Make it easier to stun lock the boss. Doesn't really work though in Hell mode, but in NM bosses still get stun.

Balance more vitality in your gear. Doesn't really matter if your dps drops a bit. Important thing is to survive.

I only buy weapons from AH. Don't spend your gold on armors. With a good weapon, usually be able to kill most mobs fast enough. Buy a reasonably price weapon (preferably less than 10k gold).
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I didn't really start picking up significant upgrades in gear until the very end of Act III on NM and am still wearing a lot of level 20-25 items simply because the stats are better. I know that I started Act III at around 6k HP and after killing Azmodan I was level 48 at about 13k HP and 2.7k DPS. It's hard to give advice for gear other than "be luckier" but it may be worth looking on the AH to see if you can find a weapon that falls within your price range that is a significant upgrade. Barring that, you could try a few more runs through Act II although I'm not certain which quests would be choicest for gear farming.

In terms of your build, I'm really surprised that you have no snare of any kind. Kiting is the only way to survive and kill most Champion/Unique encounters and a snare goes a LONG way towards that. It may be worth swapping Bola Shot out for Entangling Shot + Chain Gang instead. Plus it will make it much easier to maintain distance for Steady Aim.

Also although I was an avowed Multishot user all the way through Act I NM, I realized it wasn't cutting it in Act II and switched over to Elemental Arrow + Ball Lightning and the difference was huge. At first I didn't like it because of its slow speed and comparatively narrow area of effect, but I realized that I was doing so much kiting that all the enemies were lining up naturally. With its drastically superior range (it travels about 1.5 screens whereas Multishot seems to not even extend a full screen away), low Hatred cost making it incredibly spammable, and ability to hit most enemies twice if they're snared, it ended up being a significant improvement.

If you're looking for more Hatred you can try subbing in Companion + Bat for Preparation + Punishment. I can understand the desire for the big chunk of Hatred, especially if you're burning it all on Multishot spam, but the way it interacts with your escape abilities makes it a bit counter-intuitive. You're going to be popping Preparation on harder enemies that you need more Hatred for, but for those harder enemies you're going to want to save your Discipline to spend on your escape abilities. With the Companion while the Hatred trickle is more gradual, it allows you to save your Discipline for when you really need it.

Under my current build I've only died twice. Once was to significant computer lag and once was to being pinned in a corner of a tiny single-room dungeon by an Arcane Enchanted Waller. Otherwise I've had no problem. Here's the build for reference:


05/19/2012 06:35 AMPosted by whyterice
stack more vitality and change the preparation to the healing one, you can drop vault, i can't think of a time that smoke screen isn't better to use than it

I've never used Smoke Screen, but I use Tumble all the time to avoid targeted effects like the ones Frozen and Mortar mobs have and the attacks of most bosses. I'm assuming Smoke Screen doesn't make you invulnerable to these effects.
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