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how do you beat hell with a dh?

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im in the last part of act 3 and its just impossible......
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If you stay in Smokescreen almost 100% of the time, the mob will stay still long enough such that any dps loss will be countered by the fact that everything stands still.
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Its not a one way road... if your in hell(which is suppose to be really hard) go back to ac2 find more gear. Diablo isnt ment to go from difficulty to difficulty to act to act. There will be times where you find your self not geared enough.
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yea i use ss but then comes an elite that 2shots me or the stun me with that snowball crap and i dont do substantial dmg. if i want to increase my dmg y gotta loose vitality...
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im finding hell mode pretty lolzor, it's really simple, get the highest dps weapon u can every 2 levels, use smokescreen and prep, and learn to kite, stack vit and dex
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ok now im in inferno, act 1
how do you kill the spider queen¿
my build is

last passive also may becull of the weak
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Drop multishot for nether tentacles, caltrops for bat.

Also are you going to update this thread every time you get a little stuck or figure !@#$ out yourself?
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ill probably update, bye

also why would i want nether tentacles and bat lol
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