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Some DW napkin math

So the game does most of the math for us by displaying overall DPS, but I was trying to come up with a way to quickly make a decision between DW and 1hxbow with a quiver. Please dont take this as absolute truth, as my work has not been checked. Also, I am ignoring all the useful mods on the OH/quiver because though they rarely are the same taking them into account for usefulness is a little outside the scope of what I was comparing.

Lets define these varibles:
D1 = DPS of MH 1hxbow
D2 = DPS of OH 1hxbow
A1 = Attacks/Sec of MH 1hxbow
A2 = Attacks/Sec of OH 1hxbow
AQ = IAS % of quiver (which I'll write as 1.AQ below)

Your DPS when DW should be the weighted average according to attacks/sec of both weapons

DW DPS = (D1 * 1.15 * A1) * A1/(A1+A2) + (D2 * 1.15 * A2) * A2/(A1+A2)

Your DPS when using the MH with a quiver

1H DPS = D1 * 1.AQ * A1

So now I am going to make several assumptions to make all this easier. I am going to assume that both MH and OH dont have +Attacks/sec mods or +IAS mods, which will make A1 and A2 both equal 1.6. Also, I'm going to assume a +12% quiver, which at level 59 is the fastest one I've found with other good mods. Then I am going to set both equations equal to one another to see at what point they reach equilibrium. This gives us:

1.792 * D1 = (.92 * D1) + (.92 * D2)

Subtract from .92*D1 both sides and divide the rest by .92 to isolate D2 (rounding) and you get:

.95 * D1 = D2

This means that in order for DW to be a good idea your OH's DPS needs to be at least 95% of your MH. If your MH has a higher attacks/sec then it can be a little lower, but if your OH has a higher attacks/sec it needs to be even closer. A faster quiver (I've seen 15% on the Auction house) means they need to be closer. If I screwed up somewhere please let me know.
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Basically this math works fine
But DH is not only dps by arrows, DH has a lot aoe
The damage of aoe is higher when using 2hbow, but someone would say we can gain more hatre for dw, I would say if u want consistence aoe, u should pick wizard, not DH
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Standing in one place building and spending hatred with 2 1h's doesn't fit with the overall design of DH. The class has very little defenses aside from Smoke Screen. No passive damage reduction, clunky enemy attack reduction, and no built in resistances.

This means that burst is far more important to DH than to other classes. Furthermore the attack speed bonus on quivers virtually negates any real benefit of dual wielding in the first place. This makes the 2h ranged weapons vastly superior with the current state of the game.
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For duel wielding to be more benefical, all secondary weapon stats should benefit both weapons. (The stats found on weapons that are secondary to the main stats which only improve that specific weapon's stats, such as attack speed, weapon damage and procs) These stats would have to be reduced, to say 60-80% of the values they are currently at, to compensate for the buff. This would make dual wielding in the late game a much more obvious benefit, and I would assume easier to balance.
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