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Error 3007 win7 fixed

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Cheers mate!
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This is an absolute load of bull.
I cant even play the game because of error 3007, now i have been able to play it since it was launched until now.
I don't give a !@#$ how much traffic is flowing through their servers, or when their peak time is, thats their problem.
What i do care about is wasting $80 on a game i can't play. That's robbery.
I'f i can't play in 10 minutes im claiming this game as faulty under warranty and getting my money back. (is that even possible?)
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I have tried everything to get this game running probably not whatever I did I still get disconnected and I get the error 3007 I think I am lucky that this is just a trial game for me because the way things are going right now with this game I'm glad that spend any money buying the game. I've played many games in my time but I've never had as much trouble as I am having with this one right now makes me wonder if they may have rushed to release of this game before they got all the bugs out of it. Maybe in time they may fix the problem and I don't use the word maybe lightly.
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I have tried all the alternatives that are shared over here but still i get disconnected, i changed my ip address to static, joining general chat, and etc .... I have been facing this problem since the release date of this game really fed up hope blizzard can settle this problem asap zzz
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Thanks for that link. It's kinda useful.
Surprised no one else has put this up as a link worth checking out.

Try this site, not telling you to pay for the service but it has some good tips.
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Hi Mike from New Zealand.

I love you.

New Zealand
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one thing is weird, though
i started the game with a barb, got to hell before the patch and NEVER had any error3007 or the like

after the patch or "bugfix" or whatever frigging they did, I am in constant disconnection error 3007.
I tried everything, router firewall, ports, general chat...
its horrible. sometimes when its not high time i can play 1-2 hours without disco
after changing everything with the ports and such, my playing time in between 2-10 minutes.
doesn't depend if I'm using general chat or nor.
oh and after the changes i get the 3005 error too! isn't that nice?

Which is frigging frustrating.
SO THE QUESTION IS: I didn't have any problems before the patch, afterwards tons. I just changed the ports and the like AFTER I got all the connection problems. and it doesn't help.
what did I do wrong?

has anyone a clue?
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I would love to do this *fix* to the 3007 Error, but sadly everytime I make a change to my router, my ISP looks at it as a *hack* and blocks access to the computer from which the changes were made and sends the information to SORBS as an act of hacking.
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I SOLVED the 3007 error.... i just entered my router config, went to NAT and put the IP of my PC in the DMZ HOST.... i just did that and no more 3007 errors,

cheers :)
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I SOLVED the 3007 error.... i just entered my router config, went to NAT and put the IP of my PC in the DMZ HOST.... i just did that and no more 3007 errors,

cheers :)

Wow there you really should not use DMZ on your router unless you know damn well what you are doing. The DMZ host on a home router is basically any computer or equipment (that uses an IP address) that has all it's ports exposed to the web. Yes this will fix your problem since you opened ALL the ports on your PC but it also leaves you really really vulnerable to outside hacks on your network or PC.
I know manually opening ports is a pain in the butt but it is a lot safer.
It is like using a condom at the !@#$% house, sure it is uncomfortable but it is damn safer than not using one right ?
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05/26/2012 01:29 PMPosted by Sslitherr1
I would love to do this *fix* to the 3007 Error, but sadly everytime I make a change to my router, my ISP looks at it as a *hack* and blocks access to the computer from which the changes were made and sends the information to SORBS as an act of hacking.

You could try doing the changes from a laptop and just using the gaming PC's IP address where it is applicable. Or maybe talking to your ISP and explaining them you need these ports open to play the game, they might even open them up for you
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yesterday did all the things described by the OP, and lord and behold it worked for 1 day, now guess what, error 3007 is back again, So I would like to know what Blizz is actually going to do about it?

And dont come with the standard BS reset router, direct connection to modem etc etc. I want a real solution to this problem, not stupid work arround tricks, like going in to the general chat (???) or even manual adding port or esle you cant play!!

All my hardware is up-to-date so also dont come with the suggestion to update them!

This is 2012 and my connection is good, play WoW too (2 accounts in my house) and no problems what so ever, so its clearly Diablo3 or its servers!

I'm getting very annoyed here. I like the game, sure some bugs and some tweeks need to be done, but overal I actually like the game, but these random 3007 errors and thats what it is its random, 1 moment I can play 30 minutes without any problems and the other not even 3 minutes and BOOOM error 3007.

The most annyoing thing, and thats D3, when you loose connection and your far into a area or dungeon and you get disconnected, guess what, I have to start all over again....!!!

So please, please, please Blizz come with a real solution to this issue. Reading the forums it's clear that its a very common problem that clearly has something to do with your servers or game settings (port 80 etc etc that I had to add to router and firewall to keep to game stable???)!
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any updates on this? keep getting this error
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Someone hire this guy
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This is silly..we shouldn't have to do this (which doesn't work for all anyway). Blizz srewed up with 1.03 and they should fix it. The problems I have with this "solution: are:
- secondary logon is not safe
- port forwarding is also not safe in some situation..some malware could take advantage of this especially if publicly recommended on these forums
- they don't work for everyone
- we should have a statement from blizz as to the cause of these disconnects before we try to find solutions, otherwise we might find new solutions after each patch
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Well, i tried this although I used a different D-Link router. It did gave me more time to play. Usually I ended up with error 3007 after 5-10 minutes of playing time but now it extends till 20-30 minutes. But still not good enough. General chat, secondary logon, port forwarding at most didn't work for most people.

and honestly, we shouldn't have to do all these crap. Blizzard should take some initiative and fix this issues ASAP because we all paid for it.
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100 Tauren Warrior
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Same as most posters -no issues before patch, 3007 error avery 10 minutes after. I was able to play for 3 hours straight last night from 2 to 5am EST USA...so...as this seems worse during peak hours, its all Blizz. Ive port fwd, all the other tricks in this thread..lmao..ITS NOT US. I play 10 other games online with no issues.
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If you can't connect at all it may be that Blizzard have changed the IP address on the Battle Net server & that hasn't propegated to your ISP's DNS yet. Try switching your DNS to the google IP

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