Diablo® III

Why aren't the bows and crossbows animated?

A personal pet peeve that I hate in games. When bows lack proper animation. All of the other blizzard games with bows in it manage to correctly animate their bows but sadly it was overlooked in this. It makes bows look like an eyesore when the string is static and the dh never loads a single arrow in the game yet fires arrow. I also wish arrows stuck in enemies. Rapid fire would be 100xs fresh if the dh bow was shown bending at full draw and firing. And also if the dead enemies were bristling with feathered shafts.( like dh trailer)

Awesome game nonetheless but just voicing something that is never noticed by the community also something animators cleverly disguise In fast paced animations that many don't pay attention to.

Sorry about grammar I am on handheld.
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I'm surprised someone actually paid attention to their character over all the lightshows and bodies flying around
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Well Soviless... It only took 11 years to make, something that revolutionary coudn't have possibly made it into the game.
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05/20/2012 12:58 AMPosted by mukunda
i would complain more about the control feel before the graphics

There'd have to be something to complain about. I think the way the game "feels" is about as good as a video game gets.
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it's unfortunate that it was overlooked. i think if the original team did diablo 3 that much of the stuff we loved from diablo 2 would of made its way into the game such as better bow animations and new arrows sticking in enemies. (they managed to make impale stick a knife in enemies and it looks terrific... WHY NO ARRROWWWS!!!)
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path of exile has arrows that stick into enemies, go play that.
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I for one don't blame them for leaving this stuff out.

Do you realize how many arror DHs shoot? There wouldn't be enough room on anyone to hold the animations for all those arrows. Also if you wanted them to animated loading the bow and pulling the string back the DH would just look like a spazing blurr, DH attack much to fast to rly have anyone of them and still have clean animations.
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