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Defeating Rakanoth on Hell mode

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Stay within short to medium range.

It's a mechanic that only activates when you go to far from him and it forces you to stay near him. Just do not go to far.

Thats exactly the opposite of what you want to do if you want to have an easy fight.


Everyone suggesting short medium range definitely has not seen this strategy in the video. Its cheesy but if you wanna win you can do it this way easier than the other methods, because you will never be dealing with his minions if you do it correctly. The teleport is easily telegraphed by the boss icon in the minimap.
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The way I beat him was just to go PURE PURE dps on him.
I would SS occationally but the times I won, I won because I got lucky and he didn't use the instant kill until later.
Cluster Arrow+ the stun bombs also helps, do it when hes jumping bam stun.

The key to beating the boss is SUPER AGGRESSIVE OFFENSE. Kill him before he kills you.
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if you still have one shot issues try using the 15% reduction rune from sentry. its lame but it might mean the difference between 1 or 2 shot.
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caltrops with crit rune, valley of death, and turret. drop his hp. wait for him to summon his minions and turn on smoke screen to avoid his instakill. i've heard that if you stay within short range he won't dash in to one-shot. good luck!
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Seriously watch that linked youtube video lol. That strategy is way better than any of the ones in this thread. You guys are making it harder than it has to be
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