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Give me your best build without visionquest

Hey everyone,

I'm getting a bit bored with my lvl 50 WD and his vision quest build.

So screw the metagame and give me your thoughts and maybe builds + item specs you came up with to get out of the cooldown drag.

K thx bai
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mainly for party play.
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poison based build utilizing neither SH or Vision
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Currently testing in Inferno Act I. It does need a bit practice to get used to it, but i feel like i am dying way less often to champion packs than with a VQ/Zombie Bears build. Once i get enough mana reg i might change the rune on Haunt and swap Pierce the Veil in. Also i am still not happy with the range of locust swarm, but i still didn't find a good kitespell that is preferably "fire and forget".
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Very light on mana, build tanky. Fetishes from the passive and the army take a lot of heat on champions and do reasonable damage themselves. Spiders are the best damage spell for dot kiting because you don't really have to aim them.

Works in hell, runes for Spiders and Locust Swarm are switched to the fire versions once available (55, 59). Try to learn to use locusts effectively without the mana return rune, it's not needed and makes you lazy with the targeting.
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This is my solo hell build, I'm now finishing act III without much trouble. Its pretty micro heavy build and also its very heavy on mana, but still manageable. I'm also using Templar as merc, so he can tank a bit combined with Gargantuan (using one of the last two runes on this spell). You need a lot of vitality items with this build so you can survive long enough for the cd to get down. I use Spirit walk instead of hex, because it has pretty low cd (15 sec isnt that much) plus the healing bonus is which is 7% per sec is pretty important. Also use Soul Harvest to heal and boost your dmg whenever you get surrounded by a lot of enemies, or even against bosses, it has pretty low cd too. Zombie charger is good for narrow spaces and after all u need some aoe dmg, u can rely only on single target dmg. I also go for Haunt because its very powerful against champions and bosses. Avoid using haunt against weak monsters because the manacost will kill you, only stack it on strong enemies. Passives - you can change them depending on the area you are on, but I still like the 20% dmg reduc + 1% heal from every enemy. Stack a lot of vit + int items, if possible get some attack speed and mf. Thats pretty much it. Its a strong build it may fall off at inferno, not sure how to develop it for now.
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Haven't had a chance to try it out yet but this guy might actually be onto something with his CC build. It's really strange (is any mechanic strange compared to Vision Quest though?) but for some reason, I think it might actually work.

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I've been thinking of this build, but have NOT tried it yet. It would consist of building tanky with high Vitality. You would need gear with Gold Pick Up Radius as well to make the Grave Injustice work.

This build would be mainly for SUPPORT. I doubt you would get high damage numbers, but being able to spam Mass Confusion and Big Bad Voodoo could really help out your team. You could of course play around with tactics like having Locust Swarm as your main attack and continuously popping into the middle of the pack with Spirit Walk.
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Can solo anything except some insane stupid combinations of elites/champions in inferno. Act 2 inferno is impossible though due to the extremely fast mobs running to you and 1 shotting you.
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My kiting build. It does decent damage, but makes it very difficult to die. You'll still want to stack vitality to avoid one-hitters, but besides that I've been able to solo bosses pretty well. In groups it helps melee players who have trouble with fast enemies or are fighting against enemies that do huge damage (Snake in the Face adds a stun that neutralizes single targets). I've gotten through most of Hell without dying while using it.

It can sometimes feel like a war of attrition against blues and yellows though, but I always come out on top.
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