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i'm relatively new to diablo 3 but not to a rpg. So do you want to stack dex in this game or dps? and if dps? how do i go about doing that? like what items?
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you stack both, since dps is only obtainable through rings amulets and weapons, there is no way for you stackign dps over dex

prioratize dex
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By equipping items with dexterity your DPS will increase. You can also increase DPS by using items with plus damage, increased speed, etc.
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for example 500 dps item with 50 dex vs 425dps item with 100 dex. The AH needs a comparative tooltip..I don't see why in the hell it wouldnt. How did this get past beta? zzz
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DEX improves DPS through a multiplier, while DPS simply adds on to whatever you already have before multipliers. You'd probably have to graph to find out the breakeven point. At lower levels (~30 ish) I found that items giving +raw weapon damage gives a larger dps increase than dex, but at 60, dex gives a larger dps increase. (of course, I'm just guessing here, since obviously 1 weapon damage is greater than 1 dex. I'm basing this off the exact same items, equipped at lvl 30, stashed until I got to 60 then equipped again to recompare.)

I believe that the numbers are :
1 Dex = +1% of weapon damage
1 DPS = +1 weapon damage
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prioritize whatever makes the damage number on the left go up. At high levels that's usually increased attack speed over everything else, then increased % damage & dex.
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