Diablo® III

At the verge of tears...

Doesn't even begin to describe how it feels right now.

So here's the deal; I am doing act IV on hell right now, just need to take down one more ballistae and then onwards I go! Alas, when Blizzard coded their new creep AI they added a "Coward mode" to anything that moves as fast or faster than me, which in turn becomes a "OMG MUST KILL HIM AND CHASE HIM TO THE END OF THE WORLD mode" as soon as I turn around because I have other things to do.

As a monk in hell, it's hard enough as is, without having to think about having more than one gapclosing ability. Yes, I am using SSS, but they can actually run out of range of that and leave me standing like an idiot.

Anyone with similar experiences who feel an equal need to vent? Share your thoughts on this extremely annoying ordeal.
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as a lvl 55 monk, Act 1 on hell, im not really having problems closing the gaps.

Dashing strike does a really good job when they run away. eventually keep spamming it for the rooting. You will most likely end up behind the mob, and they will run the other way. So in a rough way, you can kinda control where they run.

Tho it could be very different in act 3. Time will show i guess
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I run the Quickening build as it's pretty much the only thing that can make me survive in huge packs (note: I didn't say it was impossible, I just can't do it)
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Use Fists of Thunder with the Thunderclap rune if !@#$ is running away from you and you can't keep up. The game allows you to swap abilities on the fly and you really should be swapping out your abilities based on what type of foe your facing. Most people don't seem to understand this gameplay mechanic for some reason. Every class is given a full arsenal of abilities and you need to utilize them.
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Oh I do understand that, but that long cooldown they've imposed on swapping skills makes it less viable to "swap abilities on the fly", yes you can do it if you have some time where you don't have to attack (i.e. have no Sweeping wind to keep up). I do know about elective mode and I do use it, but it's just incredibly bothersome that I actually had to chase that thing down halfway across the battlefield.

For anyone wondering, it was a "Fast, Knockback, extra health, winged molok"
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I had the quickening build, but partway through hell I opted to do something else. Unless I started with a good bit of spirit that crap didn't always pan out as I wanted.

Try this one (mind you, I'm playing co-op with a witch doctor):


It may not kill things super fast, but you have plenty of resource, a lot of healing (when CC on CD, you use your mantra to heal, no, don't spam it). You'll always have the spirit thanks to circular breathing to start out with sweeping winds up.
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