Diablo® III

tired of dying

i dont know what is going on, i cant make it more than 100ft before running into a group where i just end up dying, idk if im doing something wrong with my skills or if im under geared, need some input please..

monk lvl 52
dps 2248
armor 1250
health 13000

here is my build right now for hell

please any imput for helping me through hell would be greatly appreciated
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This is what I am going with http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aZXiYQ!XYZ!YYZYYb

Works fine at the moment, now that I've gotten used to it at least.
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thanks i will have to try that,but where are you at in game and whats your stats if you dont mind, i would like to compare with other players
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13k health is extremely low for Level 52
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I just finished Hell mode and have been doing Asmodan runs for farming because they are still fast and easy.

33K Health
6K Damage
30% Dodge
40% Damage Reduction
161 all resists
5.1% damage done converted to life
736 life regen per second
830 thorns


On Golds and Blue Packs I put up Sweeping wind. That combined with thorns means they suicide themselves. Fists of Thunder with the 15 spirit on crit means I can ignore mechanics. I just face tank everything and spam my heal mantra. I regen spirit so fast I can literally mash mantra as the heal over time fades.
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get vitality on your gear
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Since you are in Hell go back and do Nightmare Azmodan speed runs until you are 60. Each one takes around 4-5 minutes and is totally faceroll. Kill the golds/blues for loot along the way. I did that from 57-59 and made 750k. If you did it for 8 levels you would probably get 2 mil easy. I had a 115% MF suit I wore so I tried to kill everything. Usually 1-3 yellows per run and my best was 7 per run.
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just wondering what is your gear like ??
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You want to know what's going on? It's simple. This game is a piece of crap. And that's not coming from just a WoW player. I was a HC D2 player for quite a while. In normal, I was corpse popping some of the highest ranked players early on in classic. Diablo 2 was a good game. This doesn't even deserve to be in the alpha stage of testing. Massive flaws in mechanics and every part of the game. I'm at 60, and I've done a little bit of Inferno, and I'll be going back to league of legends because it is actually fun. This game is not fun. Melee is screwed, drops are boring, the game doesn't feel open like D2. It feels like I'm very restricted in zones. I have to leave the game to go to another act. I can't kill any elite packs. It feels like world of warcraft in inferno, where I'm beating on the same enemy for 2 mins. There is no community at all without trading, and with only 4 people per game. Not even a choice for hostile. The item modifiers are terrible, but I guess they were that way in classic also. They are limiting drops because flooding the auction house won't make them any money, so instead they are giving us a boring game. Elites are harder than act bosses. There are ponies instead of cows. They are called wizards instead of Sorcs. WTF is with that? Calling the same thing something different doesn't make it new. Should've just left it at Sorc. I liked it more. There is less customization with skills. Where did diamonds go? Why did you kill Deckard Cain? Tyreal looks like Bryant Gumbel.
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exalted soul is a waste of a passive imo.
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If you want to try something completely different...


Was having some issues with Act 1 hell (my gear is crap, and I dont want to farm). The open slot is something I'm not 100% sure of, considering Seven Sided Strike, Breath of Heaven, Blinding Flash or even Inner Sanctuary.

Gameplay goes down one of two paths. If they cant kill me in a straight out fight I just brawl, maximizing DPS. That's most things. Elite packs, depending on the mods though dont allow that. Then its kite time. Snipe in when they spread to allow it, Hand of Ytar as spirit allows, resummon the Mystic Ally on need.
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