First of all Monk can have different types of role depending on what is your personal preferences or style. I personally choose what benefit the situations. In this scenario we are suggesting how to play a solo monk proficiently as possible! What that being said let me first introduce you what I emphasize on survival abilities. I can not stress how much of important it is for a solo monk to have while soloing. Apparently most of know and understands that concepts. right? This will not cover every aspect of the monk such as what weapons types and gears do I choose, that is for you to choose. I will also not go in dept about what weapon is best..Although I might add that I preferred 1h-1h

How do you play a Monk? For obvious reason I can not say that my statements and concepts holds true to its form because everybody plays the way they find it suitable to their standards. However, I do understand It will help you improve your games when it comes to soloing! Also, you primarily want to focus on Dex and Vit. When choosing your weapon it is really up to you. The most important part and what I am mostly concern about is you Have to grab some sort of life leech and damage convert into life. GEMS are your best bet! either or both is GREAT. Enough of the formality lets get started...

If you are starting off, that means your skills will be limit. playing in normal mode its not very difficult and it will be a breeze in most cases. It to teaches you the basic of the mechanism of the games. Therefore, I believe I won't be needing to cover that part of the situation in dept. This is the skills you aim for until you reach level 35 and up. This is what you will need until you can get the skills for starting off.

Now once you get in nightmare and so forth, the fun starts. The skills you want to pick up is:

(1)Lashing kick: scorpion string:Give you the opportunity to stun monsters or vulture claw does 200% of weapon damage..depending on what you are up against you can alternate between the two but YOU choose what works best for you...

(2) Fist of thunder and runes Quickening: It give you the fast spirit regeneracy which you will need to sustain your mantra of heal and breath of heaven spam. You want to keep your spirit above 50% at all times at least.

(3)Breath of heaven and runes circle of life: It heals you to full health at most and do you or absolutely choose circle of life it can be anything but I do suggest you to keep BOH.

(4)Dashing strike and runes is Quick-sliver:Must Have because it give you some breathing room or if you need to catch up to running away monsters. I feel this skill is very versatile and essential to have but by all means choose what you feel is best.

(5)Mystic Ally: Air All(optional). Can be replace with Seven sided Strike and runes sudden assault. I used it because it give me 2% chance of generating 100 spirit and it come in handy when it does but there are far better skills to choose from other then this. I do used others skills occasionally depending what I am up against. However, I used it for the sole purpose of him tanking!

(6)Mantra of Healing: Sustenance, read the skills for a more detail information but it heals you and generates your life for about 285 or so..You can Spam this skills long as you can keep up with the spirits.

(9)one with everything
(10)seize of the initiative..
These are the Passive I choose but play around what works for you.!XYZ!baZbba

All of the skills I have chosen so far are all spirit generator or spirit boost related. Critical in the build I am giving you because you want to spam your Mantra of healing and breath of heavens. This will keep you alive for soloing, this is the key to your survivability and of course dashing strike to get out of tight corners. YOU should generate enough spirit to keep up with the spamming by using fist of thunder but like I said not necessary if you can get spirit faster with another alternative solution.

All positive criticism is welcome and please don't be too harsh on me because it is my first guide! :)
I hope the guide helps you or gives an idea on how to solo normal, nightmare,hell and possibly INFERNO with your own touch up of course...
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