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Recommendation for DPS+Vit - Lvl 35 Nightmare

Ive been playing with real life friends one whos a wizard lvl 36 and hes got a dps of over 950. I am lvl 36 and only have 500dps. Please help me out on what I should be looking for . gems etc.. ive been mainly working with +dex items as I thought that was important. I also have around 3k health. But I should be atleast 200+ more DPS. All suggestions appreciated and flames no needed as its online and were all adults I hope..

Thanks bros
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Chill man, its not that you SHOULD be at 300 more DPS its that you want to be, if you are capable of completeing NM with what you got then your fine. Don't worry too much on DPS compared to pure DPS classes like Demon Slayer and Wizard.

But yes, depending on the weapon you are using, I would stack Dex for damage and Dodge and Vit for Life. Any extra stats you get on equips is just a bonus. Also what build are you using skill wise, that could help us help you.
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One thing you can do is to put on some socketed gear (other than weapon/helm) and place some emeralds in there.
(You can buy emeralds in the auction house, not to expensive)
Also you should try to find rings with "+x-y damage".
Don't know how (?) that works but one of my rings shows "+3-6 damage" and it greatly increases overall DPS
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This is what I did:
Go to the AH and buy a good fast weapon (Depending on your setup. I prefer weapon + shield but ymmv). Mandatory stats are +vit and +dex and a socket. I found one with +life on each hit and another +5-9 poison damage. Buy the best Ruby you can afford and throw it in. When I did this, I went from a 52ish DPS weapon to 79ish DPS weapon and my DPS went up about 250 points from 500 to 750ish. A huge difference. In NM, so far I don't die. Even on the tougher packs (Me and my room mate see 1 or 2 rare/elite packs that will have some tough combos. I can tank them all fairly well with using CW and MoH for some pretty nice health regen. It doesn't hurt that I have 10.5k HP and when a mob gets away my room mate will freeze them and kite while I use dashing strike runed for flying side kick to get the mobs in melee range. Of course thats strategy and not helping you with your DPS.

Bottom line, I find you get the biggest DPS boost from your weapons. If yours is lacking then don't be afraid to drop 10k-15k to improve it. I just hit 40 last night and the weapon is still crazy good and I'm still stacking Dex everywhere else and at almost 900 dps. I'm not too worried about my wizard friend being 7 levels under me and doing the damage. Where I lack in damage I gain in survivability and where he lacks in survivability he gains in damage. I think its a fair trade off.
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Definitely go for high dex and vit armor pieces. Don't necessarily worry about it for your weapons since it's pretty hard to find a good pair with similar DPS unless you're pretty lucky or have a lot of gold to spend in the auction house. You'll want them to have slots for red gems, which are a really easy way to make your Damage jump. Look out for +3-6/+4-8/+5-10 amulets or rings since I noticed they dropped fairly often in act II, those are another quick Damage boost you can use. If they're slotted even better, you can put in green or purple gems depending on which stat you need. Oh and, if you find pieces with resists, try to make them uniform so you can take advantage of the passive later that makes all your resists the same as your highest(it will really help).
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just get high damage weapon in the early lvl with decent dex
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