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Service Issues: NVIDIA 9400M/9600 GT – May 22


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shut it and get off Mac forums. sorry our entire life doesn't revolve around gaming. we are recreational gamers, and when it comes down to it, arn't are you embarrassed that the only way you can converse with other human beings is in little pink phrases? learn to live
This is BY FAR the best news I have heard from Blizzard. I hope this will let me up my resolution using the ati Mobility radeon HD 4250. TO !@#$ING STOOOOOOOOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please resolve this fps issue asap. Act 1-3 was torture to my eyes, Act 4 on normal is an absolute nightmare! I had to ask my cousin to help me out through the insanely slow areas just so I can progress through the story! It's ridiculous!

ESPECIALLY ACT 4's non-enclosed areas. The seige in 3 was bad enough, 4 is almost unplayable!

Fix it so I can go kick Diablo's derriere on all the levels!

Using a 2008 9400M card here.

P.S I wonder why PC users are here crapping about what we are using, if I were them with those kickass PCs, I'd be zooming past levels right now.
Hey Blizz! This may be a stupid question but we in Europe receive the same update right? No one from Blizz answers the Europe forum so I'm glad to see support is given here.

I have a mid 2009 macbook pro with a 9400m. Diablo is often laggy/slowmotion so I need that update!
Another request for improvements for 320M support. I'll be replacing my Mac when the new MacBook Pros come out but for now am seeing frequent drops to 10fps at 1280x800 on my 320M.
really excited! thank you!
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sell your mac buy 2 pcs that are equal quality and play d3 just fine :)!
Great, I need to thank you very much.
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news on 8600m gt?
I have a question;

I currently own a macbook pro with the 9400M card. Prior to release of Diablo III I upgraded my macbook to 8 gig RAM and an SSD hard-drive. At this moment I experience a lot like the common issues known here. Would this update provide the possibility of full use of the 8 gb RAM?

I just succeeded to run diablo 3 under bootcamp using Win7 and latest nvidia drivers.

I seen a significant fps improvement in this environment.

I am currently wondering :

Will these optimisations allow to run the game better than under such environment ? i mean does the game under osx with optimisations can run better than a win 7 solution with latest nvidia graphic drivers ? Or in all cases we won't be able to get more perf than the game running under bootcamp ?

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Can we get an ETA on what exactly the "near future" is? As in, will I be able to enjoy the game by Friday for example, or will it be a couple of weeks until the patch?
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Not meaning to be pessimistic, but 'near future' is rather subjective, and offer very mild comfort for those of us who have been checking Mac Tech Support every hour/day religiously for a solution since the game launch a week ago. Quite disappointed with Blizzard actually at the moment, to the point of considering cancelling WoW subscription as well. Wasted so much of my time questioning my computer's performance, when it is an oversight on Blizzard part. We deserve more than just the casual 'near future', a more proper estimation such as a week/a month/a year would be a better indication. Unless it is your intention to leave us hanging and hoping only to disappoint down the track.
Thank you!
Finally.. you face this critical issue. great news thank you so much Blizzard. you are awesome ;)
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Thanks! =D
I have a 2011 iMac.

When I started experiencing a drop in FPS, I turned off all shadows.

The game now runs smoothly with the other graphics settings set to max. Running at 2560x1440 resolution.

Try it, might work for you too.
I'm running a late 2008 MBP with 4GB RAM, the 8600M GT and a 2,5 GHz C2D and the performance increase in running in 800x600 as opposed to the more preferable 1280x720 is miniscule at best.

Please, could anyone, Blizzard or otherwise, just tell us if our hardware (minimum system req or just above) will mean this game is unplayable?

I'm not a very happy camper having spent the equivalent of $60 on this game only to find out it's not possible to even remotely be a part of the gameplay without dying and lagging out like crazy all the time.
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05/22/2012 06:14 PMPosted by Vakivalta
How about the game itself...

This is mac tech support, not general discussion or feedback. The post is in this forum about an issue relevant for this forum, if you have an issue other then mac tech support then take it somewhere appropriate where the discussion is relevant.
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