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Bug - The real Attack Speed Bug

Apologies if this has already been pointed out, but didn't read all threads as there are a lot related to this topic but complaining about specific gear.

Summary: There are 2 separate attack speed bonus stats. "Attack Speed Increased By xx%" which works fine and a duplicate of this stat that does not work that is "Increases Attack Speed by xx%".

All the complaints about specific gear are for the 2nd one. I have several pieces of equipment with atk speed bonuses, 2 of which use the "Increases Attack Speed by xx%", which does nothing on both of those pieces of gear.

Link to an image of both versions of attack speed bonus stats: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/443/d3atkspdbug.png/

I hope these makes it much clearer on what the bug is than all the posts complaining about specific gear, in that this isn't a gear specific issue, just a specific version of a stat issue.
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agreed, this is the fact I attempted to point out in my post about Captain Crimson's Codpiece
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Well it may not be a bug I guess. Seems like it's supposed to be a weapon stat i guess? Increases attack speed on the item/weapon. Just armor doesn't have attack speed, so if you get it on armor it does absolutely nothing. Wish it was a stat restricted to weapons only in that case. If you search for attack speed armor in AH most of them have this version of attack speed which does nothing.

Well, can hope they restrict it to weapons in the future maybe and convert any armor with it into the other kind of attack speed. Otherwise it will be a junk stat and just trick people on AH who don't know into wasting money on it.
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whew... if this ends up being a "useless stat" im glad i sold my codpiece when it didn't do anything to my attack speed.

if this is a bug... then dang... i guess i sold my codpiece a bit too cheap
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As a particular reference:

Boots: Boj Anglers has "Attack Speed Increased by X%" and works;
Boots: Asheara's Lock has "Increases Attack Speed by X%" and does not work.
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i'm having the same problem with my asheara's boots indeed. (hopefully the more people pointing this out will increase the speed of which blizzard will fix this)
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Same problem.HOTFIX this blizzard!
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Signed. I bought innas glory for 3 mil and the attack speed doesnt work.

Also about 1/10 boj anglers on ah are not bugged so buy those.
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bump, still not fixed
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05/23/2012 08:26 PMPosted by Zerg
bump, still not fixed


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