I have a question about 2 equipment-related situations in-game on my Warrior:

His stats:
Strength 663
Dexterity 203
Intelligence 206
Vitality 381
Armor 1714
Damage 440.94

  • See http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/72/diablo3setchange.jpg/
    Q: Is the loss of 35 Intelligence taken into account in the "Stat Changes if Equipped" at all?
    I see Protection being boosted, yet I (wrongly?) assume that's because of the 69>47 Strength. As a Barbarian class, this explains the Damage being boosted, yet Protection seems to only go up with 0.3%, while Resistance from Intelligence goes down with 0.3 'points'. So, does the +27 Strength increase actually make up for -35 Intelligence?
  • See http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/268/diablo3setchange2.jpg/
    Q: Does the 2-handed weapon equip take into account the fact that the shield's buffs are lost?

    1-handed Weapon+Shield:
    Strength: 70+55=125
    Vitality: 26+30=56
    Damage: +11-22

    2-Handed weapon, no shield:
    Strength: 118 (7 point decrease)
    Intelligence: +80 (80 point increase)
    Vitality: 115 (59 point increase)
    +25 Life after each kill
    I can't account for the +1955 Life as Vitality increases with 59 points (+25 Life after kills)
    Also, how is the +105 damage determined? Strength decreases and the weapon is just +8.5 DPS. And perhaps related to my first question, how is the + 0.6 Protection determined? Seems like Intelligence DOES come into play here...

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