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Dual wield vs Bow+Quiver

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I just wanted to know what are the advantages of dual wielding crossbows. If both had lifesteals, will they stack? Currently level 49 and a bow+quiver user since start. Doing mobs with Caltrops plus a lifesteal bow (amethyst socketed). Will two lifesteal crossbows (both amethyst socketed) do better?
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Bow + Quiver > Dual Wield Crossbows in every case I've seen. Blizzard needs to do something about it.
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You shoot 1 at a time, so you won't see double the lifesteal. (you alternate back and forth between the 2 hand bows)
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The only reason to dual yield is if both your weapons have the same dps and the stats from your offhand are better than your quivers.

It's better to use 1h and a quiver instead of two 1hs, if your offhand has lower damage.
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05/23/2012 07:08 AMPosted by Puddles
You shoot 1 at a time, so you won't see double the lifesteal. (you alternate back and forth between the 2 hand bows)

"Life on Hit" is a stat, and it stacks. "% Life is Converted to Health" is also a stacking stat. Yes, it all stacks.

The one thing I don't know how they stack is base damage for dual-wielding. At later levels, 1h do NOT scale at all the same as the 2H, they run about half the DPS, and dual-wielding means you need even more than a 2H to keep up.

At lower levels, the same level 1h will often out-perform a 2h, I've run 1H+Quiver for several level stretches because of this. Once you hit 50 though, 1h damage stagnates and 2H double almost every 2-3 levels.
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Dual Wield Crossbows is pretty retarded to begin with.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
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Advantages to dual wielding.
+Faster attack speed
-Higher number of crits
-More Night Stalker procs
-Higher number of hits
-More Marked for Death - Mortal Enemy regen
-Easier to stutter-step
-Insanely fast Hatred regen
-More status inducing abilities (Bola stun, Impale stun... all stuns) can be used at faster rate. Locking down elite packs and bosses.
+10% crit if using Archery Passive
+More often than not have demon hunter bonuses such as increased passive Hatred regen or +max discipline.
+When actually dual wielding, sometimes allows for 2 emerald gems for large crit damage.


*Hand Crossbows typically do less dps than Bows/Xbows, and each hit does less damage.
-Damage range is greater
*2H Xbows have a very large damage range (averaging 500 damage difference between low and top end)
-Sharpshooter becomes less useful as your crit rate should be significantly higher with Archery passive.
-Requires the use of 2 equal dps Xbows to really get the full effect.


+/- Everything plays faster and requires you to be significantly more "on the ball" in order to not waste resources as they will regen much faster. Not doing so will significantly impact your dps to be abysmal in comparison to a 2h. Lag can be a significant detriment to this more so than the other 2 weapon choices. However, it makes the game feel more fluid (personally) and entertaining to those who like to make
many actions per minute.

Where does it shine?

Hand Crossbows shine in discipline intensive builds that rely on high crit, high attack speed, and Night Stalker procs. More or less, this is basically every single sane build for hell -> inferno solo play as the demon hunter needs to keep a 95% uptime on Smokescreen or they risk getting one-shot. Bows and Xbows work as well, but they typically rely on the sheer raw damage those weapons put out to kill bosses/elite packs before their discipline stores run dry. A Hand crossbow wielder can, with the correct gear, keep Smokescreen running for the duration of a battle and continue doing so almost indefinitely, with maybe a small period of kiting while waiting for Preperation's cooldown. HOWEVER with the recent nerf to Smokescreen (giving it a 1 second longer CD than the duration) the build is still viable but has a significant loss in power.
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My apologies, I thought it was linked to each weapon directly, not as an overall stat.
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Well basicly more speed (15% ok screw this every quiver gives u that xD) an more >important< Weaponslots! On a Crit Heavy build you get extraslots for +critdamage (all other things pretty useless) and dont forget +critchance on Passiv.
So I guess they can keep up with 2H and maybe u get a better reaction time between shots (faster Escape?).

Got Only Lv 32 DH so I cant tell but someone can try.
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2H CBows and a good dex quiver is many times greater than a dual wield cross bow. A 2H bow will have greater flat damage, in a PvP situation your attack will deal more damage with a single shot. It is better overall to get a good 2H crossbow, by good I mean good base damage. Once you get to inferno mode, the chances of you being able to stand still and auto attack the !@#$ out of a boss is very rare and highly unlikely.
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