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Just played with a DH

I play solo a lot, or usually end up with low-geared players who make the playing experience wose.

Last night, I was playing act 2 with a DH; who didnt have "AMAZING" gear. His Xbow was only about 650 DPS (compared to a 1000 DPS blue) and he had 50,000 damage. He also had 13,000 life.

While killing his way through Act 2, he proceeded to complain that DH needed smokescreen buffed, needed evasion buffed, and needed an ability that added % damage into life.

by Standing in 1 place; he automatically had more survival than me; with my ~97% overall damage reduction. Why? He would fire bonucing missiles off the screen and monsters would never get close enough that he would have to move.

With my amazing abilities to take upwards of 3 accidental hits; and my 3 forms of crowd control; the two of us made a great team. I could ensure that he didn't get hit; and he could play through the game without having to move.

It works; and I would have no problem playing through Inferno with an extreme DPS class; but I find it kind of degrading, dont you? There is no viable way for a monk to PLAY the content; without being a moving target for an AFK auto attacker?

BTW; equip all +speed and act 2 becomes super easy. I got through the first quest line there is about an hour. Made it halfway through the second, got a 3007 error,and it reset the whole painful thing >< for those of you who want to post "I am better than you because I made it past act 2" posts; this should be your ideal setup.
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05/24/2012 04:47 AMPosted by Glorn2
with my ~97% overall damage reduction

I am interested in the math you're using to get that number.
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05/24/2012 04:52 AMPosted by Razia
with my ~97% overall damage reduction

I am interested in the math you're using to get that number.

Yeah, even with 70% armor mitigation, 70% resistance mitigation, the 30% we have as a melee class, 25% from Resolve and 20% from Crippling Wave+Concussion, I can only get 96.22% mitigation.... which means he'd have to have either at least 1 more source of mitigation... and a pretty big one, or around 75% from either armor or resistance.... which I honestly didn't think was possible at this point.
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I just made a post on it yesterday; but the search function isnt working properly for me. Essentially you need to take all forms of damage reduction into account:

Monster attack damage reduction
Armor damage reduction
Resist damage reduction
Chance to block damage reduction vs % of hit blocked (shields come into play AFTER all other dmg reductions)

Creeps damage is reduced 25% (Creeps I attack anyway)
I have 67% Reduction from Armor (Not including the 50% bonus when my attack procs)
I have 70% Reduction from Resist (All double resist gear)
I have 51.3% Evasion (Mantra of evasion with armor bonus)
My Shield offers me about a 5% damage reduction at this stage in the game.

My overall damage mitigation holds strong around 97%.

Edit: wait, we get another 30%* because we are melee? ...wow. And yet, it still hurts so good.

Double edit: I also have 545 life stolen per hit and ~350 regen a second. I play a build that requires no spirit bursts; so my build is a constant, it doesn't suddenly suck because I cannot generate spirit.
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Ahhh... ok. So you're figuring in your dodge and block. That's a little too RNG dependent of a way of putting it for me, but it makes sense now.

Yeah, monks and barbs were given a flat 30% mitigation that the other 3 don't get mostly because of how horrific the damage in Hell and Inferno is... doesn't seem to be enough, does it?

It really ticks me off all the things in this game that you just can;t know about unless you were involved in the Beta or a forum lurker for at least the last 6 months...
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Dont forget the fact that they change what abilities do; but do not change the tooltips on them. Seriously; noob map makers in wc3 and sc2 do that, and are individual people working alone for free on a project that they simply want to play, and will allow others to play for free.

Anyway, with my above math, and all of my procs going on, and this 30% flat rate business; my true damage mitigation is somewhere around 98.5%. Lets call my dodges unlucky though since they cannot be entirely relied on.
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