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EZ monks

90 Draenei Shaman
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act 2 inferno is when it starts to get hard for monks, everything before that is a joke
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73 Troll Druid
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Im in Hell act 4 and i know i will have to make some little changes for Inferno, but still it all depends on how you use your build and how you play, kiting and all that if its necessary.
I have 1h fist weapon and a shield

"hey guys i dont know why everyone is complaining about act 2 inferno when im clearing act 4 heall super easy, it's all about understanding your builds which I know the most insight on, you people should really l2p, i dont expect to make any changes aside from minor tweaks to steamroll inferno, because atm hun, im uber geared in hell"

Just so you fall off your pedestal, every class can solo hell, every class has solo act 1 inferno,

Hey guys im storming through barens leveling super fast, i just found mankriks wife here's my skill tree
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I wish I had the computer good enough to stream some Inferno act 4. Especially our 3h wiping at Rakanoth should have been streamed or frapsed to show everyone here who thinks this game is as easy as it is in hell or even at the beginning of the inf :D

our 4h wiping at Diablo shouldn't have been streamed, that was just brutal.
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Just another nub that doesn't know anything about act 2 inferno and up.
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Anyone that is not geared enough to not have one with everything as a passive and open it up for resolve is not geared enough for end of act 2 and up inferno.

i have 450 pushing 500 resis so far without one with everything across the board.

Seriously i hate all these people miss leading other monks and the forums
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Act 1 normal up to the ending of Act 1 inferno is ridiculously easy.
Have fun with your "EZ monk" build that is almost like everyone else's build that is getting stomped because of bad gear in Act 2 inferno.
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i stopped reading when i saw chant of resonance
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I don't understand why people are complaining about monks being hard to play with in Hell and inferno because, i guess it just all depends on how you play your monk and how you use your combos of your own build. Here's my build and i found it pretty easy to play, even though i need to kite elites and champs a little and it takes a little longer time. Also I die sometimes just because i'm being cocky when i play =)

I was hating it, but in past day I figured out a good build that works in inferno without good gear. I think what makes allot of people angry is they feel like they have to take a shield or take 3 defensive abilities like you did, then go defensive passive skills also, then you take a mantra and you dont have anything left to go offensive. Its not what you would expect from a monk.
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