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I need a comfy headset!

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I stand by Logitech and any of their peripherals.

I have been through multiple sets of both wired and wireless headsets over the years and Logitech has never failed me in the comfort over time factor.
They are extremely comfortable and i weras them many hours a day with no issues.

If logitech makes it.. i would buy it without question expecting quality.. and they have NEVER dissapointed me in that.
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I use http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/p/lifechat-lx-3000/JUG-00001

I've had them for 3+ years and they've always worked perfectly. They're not perfectly comfortable (4 hours is the most I've had them on), but they're great for the price.
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05/25/2012 10:22 AMPosted by g0ku420
Bumping one more time.... I need something comfortable and sturdy. I've seen many poor reviews for Razer and Logitech, saying they break after normal use.

I have had my Logitech G35 for about 2 years now and nothing on it has broken. It all works perfectly.
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Not to hijack this thread, but I figure keeping headset shop in one thread is good?

My Creative HS-1200 set broke - known issues with left cup breaking off, which happened after one week of none stressful gaming, so I can not recommend them even though everything else is perfect on the set. There is only so long a time one can extend the use with gaffa tape - so now I need a new headset, that is more sturdy.

Audio needs to be very good. I do not play FPS, more into MMORPGs, so the surround sound quality of hearing people sneaking up on me is not needed - could be cool, but not needed, and definitly not worth the extra price put on such headsets, which I guess leaves Tritton AX Pro out of the running.

I spend half the day on skype, ventrilo or teamspeak both gaming and working, so exceptionel good mic is a requirement. Someone said Syberia v2 is not good enough here?

I use glasses, so too much pressure for long hours of gaming will eventually hurt if build up heat does not do it before then. If they are heavy and the cups so big that they press against the skin under my ears, I'll end up with nausea, so that does not work either.

They have to be light, but not light enough to forget I wear them, when I go get something in the kitchen.

They can be ugly mud for all I care - many headsets are made for young men with hyped up testestorone levels, so most look like a piece of warzone equipment anyways, I neither want or am able to really relate, but fortunately I do not have to look at them :p Noone sees me, so if I want to feel badass and sexy gaming, I'd go for clean lace lingeri before considering a hot looking headset (now there is an idea, lace bras with the Diablo III logo branded on them...).

Cable or usb. However, I am used to usb and they do tend to add a better mic quality than my current soundcard (I use ESI UGM96 for my speakers to circumvent the built in soundcard). So USB would be prefered. If the headset is super comfortable, wireless would be nice too, but not a requirement.

Help and support - as long as they are easy to install and SlimDrivers can pick up on driver updates, I am fine.

Price - best quality for the money. So maybe not too new, and not too hyped up by people marketing the merchandice rather than people using the merchandice.

My boyfriend says I should just go try on some models, but I like to have an idea which models to try before going.
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Buy the sony headset for the PS3. only 100$, the most comfortable headset ive ever used, and the mic clarity is amazing. 7.1 surround support and active mic/game volume controls make it amazing.

Ive had the megalodon headset from razer, siberias from steelseries, and even had dre beats when I was travelling (there is an optional phone cable with mic).

Seriously, the sony set is your best bet.
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