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Why exactly do mobs see through Smoke Screen?

I didn't notice this before the duration was halved, maybe I just had enough time to actually "drop aggro".

Now however, the vast majority of the time, when I use Smoke Screen enemies follow me around, turn in my direction if I circle around them etc.

If I did not use Tactical Advantage I could not even escape melee range!

Also attacks are not always interupted. I had some enemy start a throwing animation before I used Smoke Screen, it still finished and threw a dagger at me (which did hit me since the second of invulnerability was over by the time the dagger came flying).

Not saying the nerf wasn't right, because it was, but all Smoke Screen does right now is 1 second of invulnerability (which is still awesome... but it does cost a lot of disc).
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Are you using a companion pet (i.e. bat, ferrets, etc)?
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ya, i think this (hopefully bug) may be due to using a pet- which spontaneously attacks for a certain amount of damage every cycle- however, with the ss nerf (dear god why such a brutal nerf) the pet holds your aggro now, so your enemy just !@#$ing murders you. Glad they put this quick fix through the intensive testing process one would expect of a multiple-hundred-million dollar company like Blizzard/Activision/Bob Limp#@#% Kotick.
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It's not due to companions, I don't use them and the mobs will still chase after my while I am smoke screened.
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They generally will follow to your last location, unless it is far enough away, though I have noticed some times where they just seem to know where I was before I did. Combine traps with SS and LF rune and you will notice that the further away they less likely they are to get that stealth. Nerf was just overkill, and an extreme over reaction.
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don't forget to factor in lag
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even before the duration was cut they always seemed to follow me anyways and as far as lag goes im convinced the data servers are under the sea some were 1000 miles away from civilization
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Smoke Screen has always been like this, both pre and post nerf

It was easier to spot before than now though, but it seems as if the mobs will run to the location where you popped smokescreen rather than follow you, at least some times.
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They don't see you, there was always a delay on mobs swapping targets after smoke screen and you're just noticing it now because it doesn't last as long
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