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The DPS on the Auction House...

...What doesn't it take into account? Is it just your main stat increase to damage? Or is there anything else.

I wondering if I should like choose a lower DPS weapon, but with a large increase to Dex or something?
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Weapon DPS = (Half of Min Damage + Half of Max Damage) * Attacks per Second of weapon

Critical Hit Damage is not factored in despite being a huge factor to a character's DPS, because Critical Hit Damage's effect is dependent on how much Crit Rate you have (which will vary from player to player).

For similar reasons, Dexterity is not factored into a weapon's DPS.

The DPS shown for a weapon with +increased attack speed is somewhat inaccurate, it is only accurate if you have no other sources of +increased attack speed. Let me give you an example....

XBow A has 1000-1000 damage, and fires at 0% bonus attack speed.
XBow B has 910-910 damage, and fires at 10% bonus attack speed.
XBow C has 500-500 damage, and fires at 100% bonus attack speed.
These crossbows all show the same DPS value: 1100.

A character with 40% bonus attack speed equips each crossbow.

With XBow A, the firing speed becomes 1.54 attacks per second, and the DPS is 1540.
With XBow B, the firing speed becomes 1.65 attacks per second, and the DPS is 1501.
With XBow C, the firing speed becomes 2.64 attacks per second, and the DPS is 1320.

That said, if you paid a ton for a huge DPS weapon and it has attack speed on it, you should probably try to sell it on AH before people wise up ;)
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How good is this 2 hand crossbow (981.3 dps : +212-612 arcane damage, 74% increase crit damage) compare to those 1.4k dps 2 hand crossbow?
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Thanks for the info, Sir.
However, does the dps shown in the AH take into account the +dmg of, say, an elemental dmg?
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thats not absolutly true.

the dps, min attack, max attack, and attack speed are all calculated with the base item's stats and the attributes on the weapon.

let me show you, lets take the legendary bow long shot http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/longshot

it's base item is the recurve bow

the recurve bow's minimum damage is 6-7, long shot adds 1-2 min damage so they average it to 7-8
maximum damage is 35-37, longshot adds 2-3 max damage so they average it to 37-38
recurve bow attack speed is 1.4 (all bows are based this attack speed) Longshot adds 8-9% attack speed which is why its 1.51-1.52.

primary stats on the weapon is not taken into consideration in the DPS on the weapon because they dont know what class is wielding the weapon thus the value would always be 0, if there is no crit chance on the weapon, then it has 0 crit chance thus crit damage isnt applied

so yea, dont go by the dps on the weapon because it doesnt tell the whole story, it gives a small summary. you can use it to judge if one is fair superior than the other, but if they are fairly close you need to look at the stats it's providing and what is better.
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Sorry but english is not my primary language i have some difficulty to understand what you said so i didn't understood what is the conclusion of that, but for exemple, I would like to play with double handed crossbow, i already have 2 with 500dmg, 50crit dmg each, let said I want to upgrade, which one between the 2 crossbow with 750 dmg and crit damage and the one with attack speed will be the best, also, something else, for all the other stuff, i have to focus on attack speed or crit damage?
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