At launch, the latency wasn't great but at least acceptable for an Oceanic player (190ms). There were DCs with error 3007, but it happened only once every hour or so, and I had to repeat only a handful of areas.

Now after the latest maintenance, the latency is always above 400ms. Speaking from experience it is as if I'm now on a US East instead of US West server. The DCs are also A LOT more frequent, happening every 5-10 minutes, rendering the game completely unplayable.

I haven't had these issues in the stress test beta - not a single DC, or notice any latency-induced lag ever. No, it's not my ISP. I just happen to have two different ISPs supplying me with broadband, there is no difference in terms of latency or frequency of DCs on either of them. I have forwarded the ports and power-cycled my modem plenty of times in vain.

The fact that tens of thousands of players are experiencing the precise problem also indicate that the problem is server-side. Please provide a real solution or fix to all these angry customers. I imagine that this is hurting the reputation of Diablo just as much as it hurts the Blizzard brand.