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The only problem is that gems and crafting things are also white (please for the love of god give them a different color!!! everyone asks for this all the freakin time, just DO IT!)
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they need to make white / grey items worth like 100-200g each or something stupid, otherwise you're right they are just bullcrap
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to the people saying that greys and whites weren't worth picking up in d2...I recall common armor selling for 30k. Also, hr were the currency , and i remember plenty of common armors and weapons selling for a hr (for runewords).

Here's an idea...to make commons worth picking up. Why not make it so that when you upgrade the blacksmith you are getting better versions of specific types of gear. Like frist level you get chest piece with 2 properties...then another level ups it to 3. then another to rare and 4. then the last to rare and 5. Then you take what ever chest piece you found, pay the gold and essence for which ever level of upgrade you want, and random it. Then your base stats are based on the armor/weapon you found. So if you find a nice common weapon, you can try to turn it into a rare. Kind of like trying to do runewords in D2. You may waste a great common and get crappy stats, but you may get a great item.
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05/16/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Ballmangler
They're intended to be worthless. You're not supposed to pick them up or care about them. It's not that hard to skip over them.

Right in all counts except for not being that hard to skip over them. You obviously haven't done much grinding through the depths of the keep - and really anywhere else where insane numbers of mobs die in very close proximity.

This will actually result in magic, and even better quality items getting buried under whites - as drop order appears to determine display precedence, not quality.

Not even to mention gems, potions, and crafting pages all being white as well.

I would personally like the ability to opt out of even being able to pick them up, probably as a UI option somewhere, so long as such useful items as above don't get grouped in with them...

I understand why they exist, and don't feel the need to argue about their existence - I'd just like them to be less in my way.
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I still wish for them to serve a function beyond just gold... I was shocked (having not played the beta for long) that they were not involved whatsoever in the crafting process, eliminating any sort of involved crafts beyond just stocking a ridiculous amount of 1 slot bits... At the very least making it even more worthwhile for later crafting tiers to save up and find better quality normals for your specific class or end-game gear...
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They are the base of all of your rares, magic and legendary items. I'm not sure why it's so hard to wrap your heads around it. The white items have a range of armor or damage that affect the rolls of magic/rare/leg.
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