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*Spoilers* Complete Staff of Herding Guide


Hey guys, decided I would build a guide on how to get each peice required for the staff since there isn't much direct info out there yet.

For those who don't know the staff leads to the new version of the "cow level" And is crafted using 5 rare items and a rare recipe, you need 150,000 gold total for the normal version of this staff.

Leroic's Shinbone
Act: 1
- Found Inside of the fireplace in Leroic's Manor (Click on the burnt logs)

The Black Mushroom
Act: 1
- Found in the cathedral, most commonly floor 1 (Click mushroom pile)

Liquid Rainbow
Act: 2
- Inside of a mysterious cave in act 2 (Dahlgur Oasis)

Wirt's Bell
Act: 2
- Bought for 100,000 gold from Squirts in the Act 2 Bazaar

Gibbering Gemstone
Act: 3
- Drops from Chiltara in the Caves of Frost(Found after Bridge of Korsikk)

Plans: Staff of Herding
Act: 4
The recipe to craft the staff is a drop from Izual (Act 4 Boss)

Once all 6 items are obtained, open the window of your blacksmith and right click the pattern to learn it, you can now craft it under the weapon section.

Now that it is crafted, you must visit The Ghost of the Cow king on old tristram road in Act 1, he will have a brief dialog with you and then open the path to Whimsyshire, the magical land of rainbows and ponies.


When you move onto nightmare or later you can upgrade the staff to get better loot and tougher challenges, this involves buying the recipe in act 4 final quest and paying 200k to upgrade to nightmare, 500k for hell and 1 mill for inferno.


Good luck on the farming and enjoy slaying the over friendly beasts!!!
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sweet didnt know that, i just got the recipe =)
bookmarked this thread to keep track, keep it going im really interested to see what this will lead to, i'm guessing holding the staff and tping standing in some rainbowish place
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For the rainbow liquid, my spot was basically in the same yours was in the video. Far lower right.

Also for the black mushroom, identical looking room with 2 entrances and found on the first floor. My advice would be to just keep going to cathedral level 1 because it's really tiny heh. Got it on about 3 tries searching all floors.

Now what about the gemstone! That's the last bit for me and random drop doesn't help heh.
updated with wirt's bell, no luck with the gemstone just finished act 3, gonna try again tomorrow and hope for the 2 random drops.
I have the staff and can answer any question but im still trying to figure out how to upgrade it
As far as i know, you need to get the nightmare plans to drop, and then gather all the items again plus the original staff as a new requirement.

Did the gemstone drop in act 3 or 4 for you, getting mixed messages on that.
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what about Wirt's Original Leg?
As far as i know Wirt's original leg has no purpose, I got all excited when i first found it, thinking I would be able to sell it on the RMAH, but doesn't seem to have a purpose at the moment, gonna hang onto it just incase though.
I also got the plan for the staff, but when i checked it in craft tab, it only got 3.5 atk damage and it's white? So, is it worth to craft?
Wow awesome, I noticed yesterd on the load screen it splashed: "there is no cow level", I had a chuckle when I read that.
Absoloutley worth it to craft, its not for using as a weapon, it creates a portal to the secret level, if you have all the rare materials do it!
Updated with gibbering gemstone location, know this was giving alot of people trouble
can you elaborate more about the secret level? wow, I got the 2 parts of the recipe :D
I just formed the staff, trying to figure out how to use it, more videos coming sooon!!
Totally weird. I read this thread, loaded up D3 and found the recipe in my inventory. I pick things up without even noticing.
Well, just as I formed as was going to where I needed to go, servers went down, guess i have to wait until tomorrow :(
Is this in each game mode or only in a certain 1 like nightmare ?
Each game mode has its own version of the staff, for example on nightmare you need to get everything again and ALREADY have the normal version, at least this is what I understand, I havent gotten to that exact point yet, but I believe thats how it works, get all the stuff again plus have the old version to make the new version.
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