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Why soul harvest will not get nerfed.

I made this thread regarding why i predict no nerf for soul harvest.

The most and only reason why i think it will not be nerfed is because of the nature of the spell and also the reason behind all the QQ about being too OP.

That is : the skill does not scale at all. its just a flat out intel gain. so while it seems alot in normal and even nightmare, it will definitely not be OP in the harder stages.

yes, i understand that intelligence gives a flat out 1% per point increase and that scales. BUT, lets not forget the fact that while that is happening, You'll find demon hunters with perhaps 10000 dexterity items in hell or what not. In this case, you will find that having an extra 150? intelligence is nothing.
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It won't get nerfed because it's not as good as the fanboys seem to think. It's good against trash, weak against act bosses, and makes the caster waste time positioning to get the best results, time that could be spent just making more damage happen.
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At level 51 I get 112 int per enemy, so 560 total. That's still pretty good, considering I only have 891 int base.
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Personally, I'd like the spell to be nerfed so that leveling WD's don't feel the urge to run into melee range so often. I'd be nice if it came with, say, a 4% heal per mob hit with a glyph that increased that so that it'd be used more as a way to regen mana/health or maybe add some other debuff, than primarily as a way to increase DPS.
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