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damage per hit or dps?

74 Goblin Rogue
i assume pets and dots tick based upon damage per hit, so the bigger and slower the wep the better?

or does it pull from the listed "damage" for anything?
i would think that the actual value we are looking for isnt shown in our ui, as the damage calculates in speed which would be irrelevant for determining pet/dot damage.

anyone experimented with this much?
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Good question, I should really experiment.

I know dots take into account attack speed (because getting a frenzy shrine makes the dots shoot faster). Not sure about dogs.

But, what is interesting to me is the fact that most of the skills I want to use are on a cooldown timer, thus the attack speed doesn't matter (unless attack speed in this case works to speed up casting animations?) so if you're not going dots maybe a large, slow weapon is better....hrm. I need to experiment!

Anyone know?
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74 Goblin Rogue
neat, so youve seen that speed is linked to dot ticks. do you think that is just +speed effects or does weapon speed make it tick at diff speeds too?
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pretty sure he meant darts.
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the DOT damage is based off damage, not DPS. Yes, a 2 handed weapon will do more damage, but unless you plan on using nothing but DOTs, and will only fight one target at a time, the faster cast time will come in handy.
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Not really, Jackal. I use Acid Cloud and Spirit Barrage (Phantasm) currently, both AoE dot dmg, and there is no reason I'd ever need a faster casting animation unless I simply wanted to go OOM constantly. The large 2h flaming sword I am holding that trumps the damage of anything I have seen so far makes them hit quite hard per tick. As of right now, any DoT build has no reason to worry about weapon speed. All you need is damage, pure damage.
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