Diablo® III

WD diablo nightmare

Hi, has anyone beat diablo at nightmare, after my 8th try i rage quitted, I cant seem to be able to down him more thant 25% on the first phase lol, and i know there is 3

i'm lvl 50, have about 2.7k damage and 11k life, what spells and tactic did you guys used?
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haunt(life leech), gargantuan with restless giant, hex with hedge magic, soulharvest with life steal, splinters and spirit walk

slowly kill him with haunt, drop hex on cooldown so it heals you, and just use the health things on the sides to your advantage
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Haunt with Consuming spirit, Firebats with Hungry Bats, Gargantuan with Restless Giant, Hex with Hedge Magic. Blood Ritual helps too (110/second regen) and you can use spirit vessel, vision quest, etc. Spirit walk with honored guest and soul harvest with siphon just for an extra 1400 heal on demand (could use any of the 2 minute cooldowns here instead) just take it easy keep haunt up and spirit walk out of fire, dont get attacked by bones, keep hex shaman up to heal you, recast giant on cooldown. Fine with a good deal less damage and health too (2k damage 9k health)
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I'm level 50 and in the same situation too. I'll have to try those builds out.
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thx all guys, it worked lol

it's just terribly long but id does work
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i just finish nightmare an hour ago,i was in a group of 3 including myself

i went toward a support build since i had a monk and barb to tank,was quite easy, was surprised that we down it in only 2 tries

guess i was a good "healer" :P

i went for voodoo healing and hex healing thingy,plus all the skills that helps the party such as giving more red orb and reducing enemy dmg ....i never try to solo it yet tho,guess WD are very squishy it would be hard for us
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