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Cleave vs Frenzy/Bash

For trash mobs, why is Frenzy/Bash more preferred than Cleave with Rupture?
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I dunno, Im nearly done with act3 and I use cleave/rupture strictly until bosses.
then again im critting for 800 and i have 4000 health
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I used cleave with rupture for the beginning of normal...but stopped awhile ago, here's my reasons

1) in inferno, you are going to want to have 1 build and keep it. Switching builds resets your stacking mf/gf buff.
2) cleave isn't needed for trash. I just use groundstomp w/ the pull in rune & rend w/ blood lust and virtually every trash mob dies.

That combo means I can have bash w/ clobber for extra stuns on pita champ's/elites.
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Early on I liked cleave more. Especially with the rupture rune. I switched to Frenzy when it first became available and was a little underwhelmed by it. After a few levels I switched back to cleave and saw that now that I was in act 2 fighting harder mobs that it wasn't doing the damage I remembered from act 1.

Then I got the Triumph rune for Frenzy ie -
Killing an enemy with Frenzy heals you for 8% of your maximum Life over 6 seconds.

Now I haven't looked back. I am hitting mobs with frenzy and healing at the same time. Really amps up your tanking abilities.

For trash mobs (ie low health swarms) I think cleave w/rupture still does a great job, but for everything else it's frenzy all the way for me.
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100 Undead Rogue
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I just hit act 3

I run around with cleave/reaping swing and seismic slam/shattered ground, then swap to bash/punish and Hammer/Smash for bosses (well, for Belial, the first time I had to actually change up my skills)

But I like to AoE so... yeah. Can't comment if it's the best set up really, I want to sword and board and AoE hordes of mobs, so that's how I'm set up. I'm also playing on normal, so.... yeah.
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Thanks for the info! Seems like there really is no cookie cutter for D3.

I'll try out the Frenzy/Triumph with Groundstomp and test out the dps difference.
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lvl 55 dual wield barb in act 2 hell,

i use frenzy because revenge is a good enough heal/aoe damager that i dont need aoe on my left click. (need the 30% proc rune for revenge to really be a reliable aoe ability)

another reason is Frenzy's stun rune, the bonus attack speed means it's practically a perma-stun on elite mobs.
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