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A present for those who keep dying

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You're welcome.
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So...is the plan to keep smoke screen up as much as possible?
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Ewww no single target damage at all.

Here's my present for people who keep dying: l2 kite and reflexes.

And why Acrobatics on Vault? If the plan is not to die I don't want to only be able to use it every 15 seconds... I think you have more than enough discipline regeneration in that build to be able to spare some for Vault...
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Lol is this build to just run away from elites and not kill them? You will never kill a elite OR spend a hour to kill one elite in Hell mode.
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what I use
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lol @ brooding
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This is what i use. Smoke Screen is broken... makes it soooo easy. Even in hell.
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
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This build was simply what I used to level. I'm currently 58 in Act 3 Hell. It has almost 100% uptime on Smokescreen. Those who think it isn't enough is simply ignorant.

In response to why Acrobat with Vault: I can't afford to use any Discipline on anything other than Smokescreen. Besides, I never really have to use Vault at all.
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