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i lost everything

i have been playing diablo 3 since i got my hands on it when i bought it on may 15. created 5 classes but focused on my female barbarian class which reached level 15 already.

i logged out past midnight of may 19 without any issues or problems. but when i logged back in at past 7 a.m. the same day i found all the other classes i created gone. my female barbarian was left but she went back to level one. apart from that all of the accomplished missions were lost, money gone, all of my acquired items gone. what happened?

just wish blizzard created the option of being able to play diablo 3 offline. otherwise, things like this happens. so what now? its tiring to level back up, finish missions i already went through, and get money and equipment. its annoying and does not encourage me to play diablo 3.
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I am having the same problem with my Level 10 monk. I logged out after I defeated King Leoric and went back to town, I did not encounter any errors when I logged out. A few hours later, when I logged back, my monk went back to level 1, all the equipments, gold, achievement, accomplished missions were lost. Now my monk looked like a newly created character.

I hope something can be done to solve this problem.
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After quiting play last night due to the awful lag, I tried again this morning only to find my wizards level, gear and achievements had all been reset. My two secondary characters had also been deleted.
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i have simply lost everything including friends lists, just everything
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i thought the same thing but remembered i changed the server from the american to Asia in game play so before logging in changed it back to american and everything back to normal. yeah
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I just lost everything with my main char (Monk 38). Gold, items inside the stash and all equiped items are gone.
Now with my Demon Hunter the items are ok.
Last time i played was friday, and i thought "well, let's farm a little bit...".
What happened? =(

edit: i'm looking at my friends list and there's a character i've never seen before.
zero#3297 and he's only lvl 1 and got anchievements with all classes on co-op mode. Weird...
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Happened to me TWICE, though i never lost everything, for some reason it was always just my gold and some other random items would disapear.
No one knows my info either, and the second time it occured right when I logged out and back in.
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I just logged in and found my stash empty along with all my gold and regular inventory. I was lucky enough to keep the gear that I use, but everything else was gone. This is not the only thread on this subject, any help?
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Just lost everything too, played this morning and still had everything. After a few hours i came back, and just find out that I lost everything except my level mushroom and some note. That really sucks! Hope Blizzard is fixing this real fast, because this is just a waste of like 30 hours gameplay.
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I lost everything on my lvl 53 Barb. I called Blizzard and talked to them about this. They said I was not hacked and it was a "known issue". And do not ask for a restore just yet and keep track of things on the forum.

I was not hacked. All my stuff has disappeared. So i am to just sit around and wait for the rest of the magic trick from blizzard to come out from around the corner with all my stuff and tell me it was never gone in the first place.

This really sucks because iv been playing with a friend every night and he has his stuff and I do not. Really annoying and ruining the experience because we were in Hell difficulty.
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05/21/2012 08:06 AMPosted by Ourselves
They said I was not hacked and it was a "known issue". And do not ask for a restore just yet and keep track of things on the forum.

And they said when there's going to be a "fix" on this?

And what about the strange contact everyone have in the friend's list?
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Lost everything as well. Not big deal 2 pg 15 (not hardcore player here) but this still sucks.

Give me them back.
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Same here, lvl 60 monk back to lvl1 , and all other chars gone.
Now what?
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This is an old thread from May! You may want to check your settings and make sure your server didn't change, IE America vs Europe vs China, etc...
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