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To the CM's who keep ignroring the problem

Quit purposely letting post get buried and answer our questions!!!!!!

When will we receive and update on with the current status on the achievement bug? Its been almost a week with no answer or solution for the the achievement problem. After I picked up my CE from fry's I converted my SE to the CE on b-net. I played for a good while in act 1. I completed act 1 on release day and half of act 2 before I finally went to bed.

I managed to get almost all the achievements for Act 1 because I farmed the crap out of act 1 for the the chance to get day 1 achievements. Plus it does not help that I'm an achievement !@#$%. I logged back on in the afternoon of the 15th to see how the launch was going and Bam all gone . I know there are many threads in regard to this subject and unfortunately there has not been an update on this issue for 3 days on any of the threads that the blues have replied to.

So blizzard can you give us a status report please because id really like my 5/15/12 achievements back. I mean even if you have not solved the problem at least let us know the progress, what caused it, any light at the end of the tunnel. Please don't leave us in the dark. I mean I refuse to do any of the act 1 quests again to avoid re unlocking achievements with the wrong date(I realized that happens when I unlocked the butcher achievement a second time a day after i already beat him and cleared act 2.) and severely out of order.

I mean I have the achievement for lvl 20 and up but not lvl 10. I have all the lore, books, letters,logs and beast info in my journal yet the achievements show I'm missing them. I mean it seems like a simple fix. Look at the logs update the info re-reward achievements according to date received. I mean look at my act 2 achievements why are all those completed including the first batch i got on 5/15/12 all there but all of act 1 is wiped?

I know this may not seem important to some but I enjoy the achievement system in games and with my OCD this is driving me nuts that its all out of whack.
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We provided a statement two days ago: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5150106401

There's no additional information for us to provide yet. Our priority right now is working to ensure a stable game service. We'll be able to provide a specific plan of action regarding achievements as soon as we can.
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already got all those achievements back, and more...
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The response wasn't just that they had already said something days ago, it was that from that point there have been no real updates. What more do you want to be told exactly?
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My achievements have been working fine since they took the servers down for maintenance on Day 2. o_O
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05/19/2012 02:51 PMPosted by Crom
we bring the issues to where the CM's are hiding.

If you really read the forums as much as it appears you do, then you should have read a million times that even without a response the post has been read and information passed on. Also, you would know that its very rare for them to respond in the bug forum.

The CM's arent hiding anywhere and bringing your "issues" to general dont really do any good. The CM's cannot fix bugs. The developers do and they are the ones reading the bug reports.
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Achievements...are...pointless. I can't believe the OP is upset over achievements. This kind of rage should be saved for server stability or long queue times for a single player experience. Worst case scenario you have to grind the achievements again...what you were only going to play this game one time through? Yeah...right.
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