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Achievement, Act I: Cursed Captives

90 Night Elf Hunter
The achievement states to "free 6 prisoners in 120 seconds in the Cursed Hold". I have done this a few times in a group, using a timer (started the timer when we picked up the quest from the Queen), and freed all 6 in under 2 minutes. However, we did not get the achievement.

The achievement text doesn't specifically say this has to be done solo or in a group, so now I'm wondering:

Is the achievement bugged?


Can it be done in a group, but only one person frees all the prisoners?


Can it only be done solo?

Thanks in advanced for clarifying any confusion! =)
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90 Gnome Rogue
I just timed myself doing this solo in 55 seconds and did not get the achievement. I started a timer a bit before I clicked the first prisoner so I am going to guess it is bugged or there is a requirement that isn't stated in the text for it.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
I wonder if it'd be worth putting in the bug forum, just in case? >_>
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Has anyone tried getting all 6 prisoners within 2 minutes of entering the zone?
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So, it means within two minutes of entering the zone? Not just 2 minutes between each other? Ugh
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I just attempted this during my Nightmare progress solo with Scoundrel out.

I did clear the entire level beforehand to locate all 6 spirits and ensure I didn't get blocked, counted up in my head and the final spirit was released within 40 seconds mark.

I am suspecting one of a few things. #1: The achievement is bugged. #2: The achievement will not credit if you have cleared the mobs beforehand (this took me a total of 5 minutes or so). #3: Nightmare difficulty does not credit (obviously a longshot and doubtful).

#2 is most likely the culprit and the 'event' persay, begins the moment you begin speaking with the spirit who gives you the task or kill a mob to prevent 'ez mode' achievements.

Either way, this will be reattempted by me on normal to breeze through it and test my theories unless someone else has some factual information on it or official word from Blizzard.
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90 Dwarf Warrior
The timer starts when you enter The Cursed Hold and not when you start the quest or find the first prisoner. I did it with a lvl 18 Barbarian it did take me about 6 attempts tho. Before I stated it i made a pair of boots with an 8% speed boost. the hardest part is getting the hold to spaw the prisoners in a way that you don't have to do alot of back tracking.
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Yep. The timer either starts when you enter the zone, or more likely from when you talk with the Queen's ghost. I finished mine last night when I was doing my Speed Run through Act 1 by ignoring all of the monsters and quickly finding all of the captives.
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The counter starts when you talk with the Queen. I waited for 2 minutes after entering area and then made a quick run after talking to her. Achievment done.
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This achieve needs to be done within the 120 seconds after you talk to the ghost lady. Do it as a Barb with leap and sprint and you can jump over the fences to speed it up. Stack on movement + items aswell.
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The achieve works, got a few weeks ago.
Timer starts when you enter the zone. Also has to be done solo.
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74 Dwarf Hunter
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Definite 2 minutes from talking to the queen's ghost, not entering the zone. I made it in the knick of time running without any %movement speed bonuses. If the timer was from entry I would not have earned the achievement based on my timer.
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This achievement is the easiest to get if you are a dh.. movement speed gears with passive moment and vault.. its way too fast!
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got to be solo
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