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best build in the game (for real)

My favorite part of all this is that everyone appears to have a different idea of what's needed on Inferno difficulty and everyone claims that what they do is working.

This bodes well for the class.
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I use a similar build. I found it nice to have Multishot, with the rune that makes it cost 20 as my right mouse click skill. Then for Hatred regen I was using Hungering Arrow, but recently switched to Evasive Fire with the aoe rune, to try and see how that worked.

Evasive Fire is fine right up to the point when mobs start getting uncofortably close regularly. Then it just gets annoying - since it uses up your disc all the time against your will. I found myself concentrating more on positioning NOT to have it backflip me, than on actually finding the best ways to defeat waves. Obviously, due to Murphy's laws, it tends to eat up your disc exactly the moment you need it.

Still, if someone pulls it off for good use, than kudos for that.

It does 155% weapon damage if it attacks twice as far as I can tell.

EDIT: This makes it awful. It does bad damage and is terrible with Sharpshooter. Not a good ability, IMO. You could argue that the ability to attack more times is good with some abilities, and you may be right, but I'd just argue that there are better options in the first place (Frost and Nether are RIGHT there, bro.)

So very true. Ball lightning is just plain broken against quicker mobs and both it's damage and utility are worse than most other elemental arrow runes, not to mention other skills. For me - it's the weakest rune on elemental arrow.

I cannot even begin to honestly say anything about someone saying, "You don't need slows." and then immediately saying, "I use slows."

Slows are amazing, true, but how about having them as a frost component to your weapon. Provided that you find one that is :) I'm not sure how efficient weapon slows are, but i could very well do without caltrops if they're good enough, since I always feel I need just one more offensive slot.

My favorite part of all this is that everyone appears to have a different idea of what's needed on Inferno difficulty and everyone claims that what they do is working.

This bodes well for the class.

Too bad it's survivability is so terrible though :) Then again, most classes suffer because of that, and WE have smoke screen, so... ;)
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My build - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#caXVTQ!eYa!ZYZYZa

I have yet to see an elite pack that survives that build if you got the skills and brain for that. With a bad gear of 13k dps and ~12k hp(1 shot by all mobs) I soloed act 1 inferno on Friday evening in a few hours.

So please don't tell me you cant go into inferno without slows, I use my RapidFire /w Webshot only for treasure goblins and picking of some lonely high hp mobs/elites so i don't have to use my SS, BUT I DEFINITELY DON'T NEED SLOWS and I'll probably replace my rapid fire with impale. Its not hard to kite with that build, because you SS and deaggro all mobs instantly and with 60% MS you're right in the right spot to shoot what you want, using your steady aim passive 24/7.

Have played only a few hours in act 2(killed Kulle) and didn't have many problems(only when the game was laggy and couldnt SS before a mob jumped on me). You basically can stand in 1 place and only move if you need a better angle of shot, because you got like 20seconds of immortality if you need to spam SS. Or if youre wise/skillful enough you cannot die at all, because you de-aggro mobs during SS and all the time shoot hit&run style, like stutter step(known from SC). The most annoying so far are waller and invulnerable, because it takes the longest to down them.

So far it looks like i could easily rush through content and go straight for boss's, probably would've been easier for a DH to get world first inferno solo cleared than for a wizard. I for one, didn't have enough time and enjoyed the game and lore without skipping a single rare :)
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Caltrops a must
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Caltrops is useless since Hell. Sure it works vs normal mob groups etc. but the hard mob groups Caltrops is useless against. They are fast, caster, or the slow is so damn short etc. that its a waste of Discipline.

I used Caltrops very much and luved it. Then there is the point that SS and Caltrops are under the category of defense skills. There is a reason behind this i guess. Why do we need 2 defense skills? Thats bull!@#$... because you dont have that much of discipline to use both much often.

I really tried to still use Caltrops but tbh, why should i? For mobs that got killed even before they reach my caltrops? Or for Elite/rar mobs who dont care at all for the trap? I dont know.
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