Diablo® III

Another WD Inferno build (not Vision Quest)

Here it is: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#ahdURX!WVe!aaZZaa
The skills:
-Poison Dart (Splinters): for single target, long range and spammable
-Firebomb (Flas Fire): for aoe damage, long range spammable. Also it's a lob spell and it "turns around" the corner and search for an enemy. Also smash things (e.g. barrels).

-Soul Harvest (Siphon): It boosts your damage a lot, but it has a very good 'lifesteal' as well, gives you more sustain.
-Spirit Walk (Honored Guest): Must have. If you get jailed, walled, caught by the vortex or you just know that you will get kicked this ability will save you. It could be conbinated with Soul Harvest if you are kiting a rare pack and you want some healt back. I choose the mana regen rune, because I have really low mp/s but I think the Jaunt and Healing Journey also good as well.
-Hex (Hedge Magic): Gives you (and your team) more healt regen, and If there is an enemy comes too close the fetish turns it to a harmless chicken. Works on rares as well.
-Horrify (Phobia): Very usefull when the other defensive abilities are on cd. Other runes are viable too.

-Pierce the Veill: Since your spell mana cost are very low, this rune gives you flat 20% bonus dmg.
-Spirit Vessel: Must have with this build. It lowers the cd 3 of your defensive spell, and gives you a second chance when you about to die.
-Fetish Sycophants: Either a good and fun passive. It spaws you fetishes. You could think that the pets are useless in Inferno, they die instantly and deals low damage BUT! The fetish guys different from the dogs/gargantuan. They are run to the enemies, hit them and run away and hit again so they dont die instantly, but make your enemies busy with them and they can take the ranged attacks too. Also their damage is more (wep%) than the dogs with rabid rune.
I usually have 1-2 fetish, but if you spam your skill you have more (5-6 or more) in big fights depends on you attack speed.

I recommend a decent amount of attack speed and damage for this build and ofc some def to not die instantly. I use this build with 16500 dmg, and 37.5k life, and 1.7 attacks/second. I usually go on my own to farm Act I, but I thinks this build is viable in coop too.

Only those rares can makes you trouble that are already fast and have an another fast buff on themselves, or invulnerable ranged minions so you can't or really hard to kite them. The others are easy.
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I use a very similar build but due to running exclusively in groups I'm usually able to sub out my AOE for haunt and horrify for grasp of the dead on the reduced CD. It's much more enjoyable than vision quest.
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