I have a lvl 51 monk and just finished nightmare last night. It was easy. However, monsters are insane in hell mode. I kept dying a lot on my way to skeleton king of act 1 in coop game. I have no idea what happened at all. It appears that elites one shot me.

This is my stats:

Dex: 1.1k
Vit: 800ish *20k hp*
Damage: 2.2k

*I believe the stats should be higher but I have no recollection prior my bed time. I was tired and my memory is gone on the next morning*

My solo build:
*I have no problem in solo at all. I just kite, blind, bubble, mantra and roll*

My coop build:
*I mostly heal because I team with rdps but I can bearly survive. I can only blind elites and punch them to gain spirit. The boss fight is easy, I just need to run and pop cd at the right time*

Edit: I dual wield.

Ps: I played diablo 2 but I sucked badly. I played with friends and they carried me.
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