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Archon = easy button?

How long does this last? I realize I am a bit high level for it, but I am in act 4 NM and I just chew through mobs (even blues and yellows) like butter. I use the 15% cooldown passive and once I unlocked the 100 cooldown rune, in "harder" areas I can just stay in archon mode 80% of time... I kind of assume once there is enough +%crit gear out there you could use critical mass to stay archon almost indefinitely.
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Wouldn't surprise me if it's possible. Even without evocation and the reduced cooldown rune, I have no problems keeping archon up for a full two minutes while clearing trash.
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It's awesome in lower difficulty levels, but on hell and higher its lack of survivability makes it a tough spell to use.
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In my opinion, Archon's saving grace is if you have enough life steal and then it works quite well. Otherwise the lack of effective defensive abilities and the fact you have to stand still to deal your damage is risky business.
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I choose not to use Archon,there are much better combo's that can replace that will benefit you. Especially when you hit hell.
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I tend not to use it because of the long cooldown, but I like it. Now that I'm on hell I'm not sure the vulnerability would be tolerable any more, but on Nightmare I could use Archon's ground-punch thing to rip through any champion/uniques that were giving me trouble.
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The lack of saving abilities, such as your shields, hurt too much to use it often in Hell. It's great dps boost if you're on a team, but solo it leaves you rather vulnerable and even its damage boost isn't enough to blow away champion mobs.
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good vs trash bad vs harder packs
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Once you get to hell/inferno, Archon is either OMG-THE-BEST-THING-EVER or OMG-WHY-DID-I-SLOT-THIS-ABILITY.

The reason I don't use Archon is because those utterly nice rares with mortar/vortex/waller/fire chain/whatever else are the hardest mobs to kill and Archon doesn't really help destroy them, or at least it doesn't for me.
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Used archon through hell and up past Skeleton King in inferno. Diamond skin past that point, and Diamond Skin has been better in a good 85% of situations.
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I recently started using it. I completely destroyed Azmodan with little effort at all with it in Normal. With how much trouble Belial gave me, I was quite surprised.
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I actually currently use Archon in hell as a semi defensive-by-offensive skill. If I get surrounded I use it with the +450% explosion rune as a way to drop a lot of a trash mobs and then focus fire the tougher ones.

But yeah, I'm starting to use it less and less as I die more and more with its lack of surviverability.
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I'm a big fan of watching dis tick for 50k+ with infinite AP.
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Last time I used it was Act 4 NM. It's really fun when you can keep it up for over 2 minutes because of all the trash mobs it completely obliterates. I dropped it going into Hell because my damage is not high enough to make it worth it. Needing to DPS down 60k-300k HP elites solo without any CC or kiting would be very painful.

I imagine in Inferno doing that to be almost impossible unless you were rolling around with 40k HP and even more in DPS with some very awesome defense and resistances.
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good for normal and nm, hell + only for normal trash mobs

in short, it blows in most situations
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archon is good provided you are able to down enemies fast. besides the comparisons of Normal/NM/Hell/Inf, bear in mind the number of players in your party too.

Still viable in 2 players, impossible to be effective in 4 players
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Archon with teleport has just enough defense to make it useful. Also useful because it doesn't use AP.

I've been using it successfully in Hell Act III, though one major issue is that the Archon beam isn't critting currently. This makes synergy with Critical Mass impossible. Blizzard "known bugs" sticky suggests that this might be fixed, though.
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is is easy button till half way through nightmare... then swap it out xD

keeping archon with the 1 second longer per kill through act 1 was fun though
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