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Stat tool to compare 2h vs 1h+OH from the AH

Does something like this exist? It's very hard to decide if my 2h is better than my 1h and offhand or not based on pure numbers from the auction house.
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As usual, it depends.

The main advantage to a 2h weapon like a staff is that it is big and slow. Loads of damage per hit, but takes forever to get that hit off. If you like to use spells that have a non-instant cooldown, then 2h'ers are for you because of how much extra punch they'll have.

The main advantage of a 1h is that its faster, so you can spam out a lot more weaker attacks to fill the screen with.

One possible upside to the 2h though is that things like mana cost remain fixed, so slower attacks give you slightly more mana regen time between them. Of course, the extra downtime also could mean the difference between life and death when you just plain can't get that last split-second attack off to finish the boss off before his big attack finishes you off.

Works out about the same either way, but I personally go with a 1h/OH combo simply because I know that when I get to Hell and Inferno on my Wizard, having a shield is going to be required.
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shield isnt required for hell. im in act 3 hell and all you really need to do is focus on kiting and maintaining mirror images/good tele control.
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My issue is not what to build, i've killed diablo inferno, it's just that I need to see if something is an upgrade from the auction house or not. I've reached the stage where upgrades are minor but cost millions, and you cannot compare until you buy, and if i'm unsure, i'm wondering if there is a way to tell.
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Take a regular magic staff that drops. Equip it and you should get a scale on the difference. Won't be exact but if the staff is 300 dps on the staff and drops your personal dps by 4k. You will now be able to scale what kind of weapon damage and magic properties you will need to experience a gain. Just a thought.
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