This class is the best for a player that finds themselves getting surrounded by enemys.
This classes strategy: Let enemys get close to you, freeze with FROST NOVA or use SLOW TIME with TIME WARP RUNE, use RAY OF FROST with the SLEET STORM RUNE as your primary way of killing, always have MAGIC WEAPON with FORCE WEAPON RUNE and ENERGY ARMOR active; that will increase your deffence and DPS GREATLY. And for back up use ICE ARMOR when ur between cooldowns.

This class set up is not a typical Wizards set up.
This class is to make your Wizard more like a Barbarian or Monk.

TIPS: ANY sockets should be filled with Purple Gems for Vat buffs, take your time and let your skills cooldown between fights.

PASSIVE SKILLS: Cold Blooded, Evocation, Galvanizing Ward