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Auction House 32309 + posting error NEEDS FIX


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I'm not sure what is going on, but i know its been reported before, there is an issue with the Auction House that is causing items trying to be posted to time out, yet show up as listed in your auctions. However they remain in your stash/inventory, and remain usable, and they are NOT on the AH, but just taking up a precious auction space. This is not only taking up precious auction space, it is also increasing time to post other crafting items and gems a ton, so just to sell my collection of uneeded gems, it is taking me around 10 times the time it should. Its aggravating, and a complete nuisance, and im not sure but it could be having an effect on the market of gems and such in the AH since they are showing as listed at a certain price but are not actually being listed.

This is an issue worth looking in to quickly as I don't wish to spend an excessive time posting auctions for much longer, nor do i wish to wait 2 days to actually sell equipment that now gives the 32309 error if i try to repost it due to the fact that it is already 'posted' yet remains in my bags.

(Also i was told previously that this is due to the item needing to be repaired despite showing full durability, yet it cant be repaired, and even if i wear it till it can be and repair it, it does not get fixed. That and its happening with crafting items and gems, so that obviously is not it.)
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same issue here.
same problem here
I'm getting error 32309… first time I've tried to sell anything on the auction house.

How hard could it be to make this store?

And what's with the super cryptic large-number error messages? 32309? Really? Even way more complicated stores, such as iTunes, have smaller error numbers than that.
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I'm getting this same error... I've submitted a ticket for it, but who knows how long it'll be til it gets answered...
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This really needs to be fixed. Did the AH go through beta untested? These AH bugs are horrendously annoying, time consuming, and frustrating, to put it nicely... What would it take to get a blue name to compile these issues and make a formal post explaining what the problem is and what's being done to correct it.
Agreed still getting this error, you'd think after 6 years of AH's that Blizzard would be able to make one of these actually work.
Also just got the error...
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same error here
same error here, no fixing for this yet blizzard??
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Sola ,

This thread is from last May, almost an entire year ago.

Reference this thread for a workaround to the error:


If you have an issue still after that, please start a new post of your own describing the problem and any steps you've taken to resolve it.
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