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Is disintegration wave the most powerful aoe?

To the guy above me, I also question how useful Archon is for 'DPS checks' when things like Disintegration Wave require you to stand still. You won't get a chance to do that against something like Inferno Butcher, which so far as been the only real 'DPS check' I've run into so far.

Question away, I'll continue doing around 380k damage a second while my templar is tanking butcher.

You'll do 380k a second for 15 seconds and then have a useless spell on your bars. Enjoy.
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I can't even comprehend how bad you must be at this game to think archon is worth using in inferno. My god.
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05/22/2012 02:07 AMPosted by Rejuvee
Yea but archon is a !@#$ty spell in general you won't get to use it when it counts in inferno. When you go archon mode you lose access to your defensive spells and get %^-*ed from one white mob.. so irrelevant.

Let me guess, you have sub-10k health in Inferno and rely on Force Armor? Archon is immensely powerful. The 450% damage AoE when you hit it can annihilate large packs of 4-party whites, and the followup damage is unmatched. It really comes into it's own against Walling elites, as the beam fires right through them. However, I have 28k life, and can take a few hits here and there.

If you have sub-10k life in Inferno, every spell that doesn't save your !@# will suck. Just sayin'.
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05/22/2012 11:36 AMPosted by RED
I can't even comprehend how bad you must be at this game to think archon is worth using in inferno. My god.

Clarify. Solo or Grouped? Progression or Valor-stacking farm?

It sucks for solo inferno, regardless of intent. For grouped progression, feel free to swap to it as needed. For grouped Valor-stacked farming? I never go without. Too often that 100k explosion has netted our group 15-odd rares from an evading Treasure Goblin, and made up the necessary damage to avoid enraging the Butcher. Yes, you are more vulnerable, but if you had the foresight to build in the ability to take a couple hits between defensive CDs, you'll be fine.
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You need a snare of some kind if you are going to use Archon. I like to pop a Blizzard out in front, turn on Archon, and then just wail on everything with disintigrate. It works well enough for clearing out blues. 20% dmg increase Time Warp or Frost Nova mist version work as substitutes for Blizzard too.

Disintigrate is awesome, but like everything else it is situational.
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85 Worgen Warlock
I would like to point out that Primary and Secondary attacks for the Archon are 250% and 300% weapon damage, respectively, not 1000%.

That means the melee is 250% and the beam is 300%.

I assume you are either looking at the very outdated information from diablowiki, or saw it in beta ages ago and assumed it would make it live at that stupid number.
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