I've just been trying to enjoy playing the Wizard so I've been experimenting a lot.


I just got to Act 4 on Nightmare and this has been pretty fun to play... As the title states it's not exactly as optimal as some of the power builds floating around but it's definitely not a pushover and is fun.

I basically try to herd mobs while hydra does his work, then switch between electrocute / disintegrate ideally in some kind of choke point area. Lightning blast rune for electrocute is long range and pierces and with paralysis surprisingly stuns a TON so far.. I like to think that paralysis works with the lightning hydra but I'm not sure. After stun and mana regain just unload with disintegrate which slows the stunned and cleans up everything easily minus a few special enemies.

I really wish Teleport would have been approached differently with this game though. It's just terrible IMO. It's really glitchy as far as getting to your exact location, and with that kind of cooldown it almost doesn't make it worth it. I think if they had teleport's wormhole rune option as default then offered a bigger window as an upgrade it would be a lot better.

Diamond skin is pretty self explanatory... enduring skin won't work for me too much longer I imagine but it has been great to use to absorb projectiles while I'm herding mobs or letting some ankle biters attack me while I focus on mobs...

Well there is my little build rant since servers are down...
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