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Feminine Diablo (End Game Spoilers)

andariel is dead and is not on the stone.
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05/29/2012 02:17 PMPosted by ChileanFury
andariel is dead and is not on the stone.

did you even pay attention to the game you were playing? Don't comment if you don't know what the game even states.
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Would have been a lot more epic as a story if they had just used cain to become diablo at the end.

Leah was the most pointless/stupid character introduction I have ever seen in a trilogy. Shes basically the diablo equivalent of boba fett. Shows up and dies in the last movie.
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05/29/2012 03:06 PMPosted by LgndryThndr
I'll tell you why Diablo is female in this game.

Its not Diablo, its Tethemat with Diablo at the helm.

Look at this new Diablo. You see aspects of Mephisto, Baal, Diablo, Andariel, Duriel and Belial. If I looked hard enough, I'd probably see Azmodan, but the other 6 Evils I saw immediately.

Blizzard wanted to differentiate this demon from Diablo. Because this is not Diablo anymore. Its the Prime Evil.

05/29/2012 03:06 PMPosted by LgndryThndr
Sex sells.

Yes, it does. What doesn't sell sex? A half eaten away face. A carapace chest that is half torn open. Tendons and flesh stretched around the body like ropes. Oh and a clearly masculine voice merged with Leah's voice.

And here's the funny thing. For sex to sell... people HAVE TO SEE THE SEX BEFORE THEY BUY. What do you see of Diablo for your average player? You see his face on the box. You see his head in the promos.

You only see his body once in the various promos and that was for Blizzcon stuff a year and a half ago.

What good is 'sex sells' when the 'sex' is not advertised and only shows up 75% of the way through the show? And appears in one cut scene and one boss fight?

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I think they were shooting for something unique and scary and...missed the mark. I think that's it, nothing more. Just an art design choice that their focus groups liked and failed to resonate with the audience.
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Idk where all the gender discussion is coming from. I usually don't post in story forums, but the game servers are down for a bit. They make it very very clear diablo is male several times throughout the series starting with the fact that he is one of three "brothers."

I also agree, however, that why they made him look partly like a she in this game after he becomes the main prime evil is confusing. Not to mention what happened to the other demons inside the stone and what have you. Did his brothers let him possess Leah because it was part of their plan, or was it a trick he set up? They kind of imply, but never actually say. Sort of in the same way that all through act 1 and 2 Leah is researching Cains old journals, but nothing ever comes of it. You don't really know why she is researching or what she hopes to find, as the information from the black soulstone doesn't come from her at all.

The story isn't horrible per say, but it has plot holes. The one that always gets me is in act 1 where Leah says something like oh and btw releasing my power let me read Magdha's mind and here is where she is going next. Everytime I read that, I'm just like lol what? You are psychic now?

On diablo I think the two faces on the shoulders are supposed to be part of Belial who if you look at him actually has multiple faces on his body. I don't think the rib cage has to do with Mephisto, because we never actually saw a fully formed Mephisto. In diablo 2 he was still regenerating to full power and thus was partly skeletal. The main place we see the combination is that he has all of their different horn styles on his head, and his back spikes have changed to have some of Azmodans look. Sometimes I wonder if the chest on the new diablo is actually armor or something.. but idk.

Although I lawl about that he calls himself Legion. The concept has been done before, and it's an overly obvious biblical reference. They should have just stuck with calling him The Prime or something for being the singular prime evil. Strangely his powers didn't seem to have updated much either. The abilities were still very reminiscent of the last game, using bone cage, lightning stream, and flame wave.

P.S. To one of the earlier posters, you are correct, diablo seems to change size depending on who he has possessed and has gone through different iterations with some of the previous ones actually being larger. For example, Idk if in diablo 1 he had a tail. He underwent cosmetic changes a couple times.
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Probably because a male diablo with a feminine strut and something that looks like boobs on his chest is terrifying.
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Which one's a boy, and which ones a girl?

Well, the guilty gear one obviously has a !@#$% so...
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05/23/2012 12:44 PMPosted by PariahKing
I loved this, it made him way more creepy.

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diablo was male, but then he was killed upon the anvil of annihilation. He only existed in diablo 3 because his spirit/essence was inside leah. His physical form no longer existed, until leah was corrupted. His gender was changed when he was inside leah, i would assume. Sheablo really was Diablo Jr. except female. spirits/essences are asexual, only the physical form is gender-based.
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I thought it said somewhere in the lore that as the lord of terror Diablo was able to take on any form he wanted. Maybe I am just remembering a made of memory though haha
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The other 6 evils are far more slender than Diablo. Also one of them is female. And his mortal host is female.
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05/23/2012 07:39 AMPosted by Providence

Strictly speaking, they have no sex. They do seem to have intercourse, and I believe that the 'taker' is female and the 'giver' male. I guess the gendered words used to describe them are assigned either according to how often they take vs give, or by humans who perceive them as male or female.

you are right. there is no him or her in demons.

except for the part where diablo is almost 100% refereed to as him, his, he, brother.
the part where andarial was refereed to as her.
the part where mephisto actually fathered 2 demons
etc etc.

demons have a sex

One of the scrolls for one of the achievements in D3 mentions Andarial as the only female Lord of Hell, so it's actually confirmed that they do have sexes. Furthermore, angels very clearly seem to be male, and they got nasty with demons to make nephalem, so..yup. Demons have sexes.

In terms of Diablo in this game, I found..it..?...strange to look at. I kept noticing it's man boobs opening and closing. I didn't know what to make of it. Either way he/she/it's dead. I'm gonna go poke it with a stick.
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It's a simple fact that he is more feminine due to Leah being his host.
Be glad, at first the team had planned to make him a chick entirely, but too many people thouht it was a bad idea, so they made him feminine.

How I know that? Collector's edition DVD Making Of
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Diablo sure as !@#$ didn't look anything like Adrian in D2 lol... Just saying...
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This new diablo from d3 is so pretty n cute I wanna sleep with him.
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My vote is with the combining of all the prime evils into THE prime evil making Diablo look feminine. Like someone else said I could see little bits and pieces of all the prime evils I had fought up to that point mixed into "Diablo" in the Act III cinematic and also aspects of the other evils that were trapped in the soul stone during the Act II cinematic. I think they were trying to imply that the all the traits of the prime evils were combined into this one creature and were trying to show that visually.

I don't think the feminine appearance had anything to do with Leah. As I recall in D2, once Diablo sheds a host he doesn't really look at all like the host, he looks like his innate demon form.

I actually didn't think Diablo "The Prime Evil" looked very feminine anyway. Compared to the old Diablo yes, definitely more sleek and wiry with a hint of feminine mannerisms and look, but I think Diablo looked more like what you would get if you crossed the original Diablo with the Queen alien from the Alien movies... just me though.
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What would be really awesome is that, instead of talkative girly they went for Thatamet-like transformation. After all, there are all evils together now. Imagine during a fight diablo starts turning into huge freakin dragon.
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This Diablo boss is a shame... damn, the last boss of the last act... I will never understand this artistic choice, so frustrating for players to have to fight against this... little thing who speak too much "oh, I'm the primal demon, don't you know, I can dance". It blocks me for continuing the game. Hope it will be better in next patch (if someone care about this).
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