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New Force Armor is fine, possibly?

I am not exactly sure what they changed, but I just did the Zultun Kulle part and killed Belial as of this morning with the new Force Armor.

Did all the rare packs but one. I think the change effects me less because I dont ever stand and just tank. I am always kiting with hydra and illusionist + teleport (wormhole) while shooting arcane orb backward every few seconds.

I cannot help but think people are exaggerating about the nerf, when I am sitting here with 5 stacks of Nephalem valor. Maybe I just have not run into this "glitch" where the mobs bypass the force armor yet, but that seems unlikely after 6-7 rare packs and Belial.
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I don't believe it was nerfed.
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It wasn't nerfed in the first place, and nobody can tank anything as a wizard in Inferno. It was just bugged and was promptly fixed.
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You are doing what you are supposed to be doing.

The cheese people are referring to is diamond skin scaling with force armor and extremely small health pools to let you tank upwards of 12 hits.
That + the cooldown reduction from critical mass could make an insanely tanky build with some high end crit gear wich i imagine would be insane for anything that doesn't have a dot.
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I should have mentioned that this is done using the cheese build, but without the critical mass part, so maybe the nerf has something to do with diamond skin rather than force armor
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Everything is working normally as it was before the maintenance. The maintenance wasn't even for Diablo, it was for WoW so I'm a bit curious as to why Force Armor wasn't working on the US server during those hours.
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I think they changed the order in which things interact.

Before, you'd get the dmg 'adjustment' from force armor BEFORE subtracting the absorbed amount from diamond skin.

Now I believe force armor is working properly because it should only readjust damaging attacks that would damage you for more than 35% of your health, whenever you absorb something with diamond armor, you're obv not taking 35% of your health in dmg for the readjustment to kick in... so the skin breaks in 1-2 hits now of the stronger stuff, as it should.
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