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There are alot of threads and theorycrafting being done.
There are alot of people complaining about their barb.

Its true the barbarian with a 2h weap spinning through herds of cows is gone.
BUT. The current way solo your way through hell AND beyond at least two acts into Inferno...

Buy a weapon that has insane dps for your level. Dosent matter if it has secondary stats.
Your other gear is irrelevant. Everyone telling you you need special gear for hell and inferno is LYING. Farming inferno is about blowing rage skills while you spam revenge and ignore pain. Heres the cheese build. Enjoy.

Skill slot 1.
Ignore Pain - Ignorance is Bliss
Skill slot 2.
Earthquake - The Call of the Mountain
Skill slot 3.
Revenge - Provocation
Skill slot 4.
Wrath of the Berzerker Insanity

Frenzy - Sidearm
Warcry - Hardened Wrath

You go into mobs and hit ignore pain.. Earthquake then hit them a couple of times then pop berzerker making sure you keep spamming revenge and keep your buff up. Some of these runes are not available till you hit 60. Improvise... your goal is just to bust down groups of elite mobs. Which you can do easily with this build... Also.... the mobs in inferno are retarded. You can hit-step-move and avoid damage all together.

Passive skills- for inferno
Nerves of Steel
Tough as Nails

I hope this helps someone. It is dissapointing that the 2h spinning Barbarian is gone but this is the current state of things. GL

-Edit : By not needing special gear...Im saying that by stacking str and vit you will be fine and able to do this. Defense and resists are great but not nessecary at least for A1&2 Inf.
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I am currently in act 1 inferno. I was using a build focused on spamming tornadoes. I took your build and put sprint with run like the wind rune as secondary. So if my eathquake isn't ready I run around the enemy in a circle hitting sprint. If I need health and earthquake is in cool down I hit ignore pain then sprint. You can get about 5 tornadoes down easily. They do a ton of damage.
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Earthquake got me through act 4 hell with ease and I can do act 1 inferno with no problems now. It's act 2 where it all goes bad, and earthquake just doesn't do nearly enough damage even with my 1000dps 2h axe.
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This build is NOT viable in act II inferno.
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going to sound like a total noob, but how do you put warcry onto your secondary? i'm nowhere near inferno atm, but want to try this build out with what I can.
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Gonna try it out +1
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