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Final Act 2 and some Act 3 Cinematics Missing

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Attached is a transcript of my dealings with customer support thus far. If anyone is having similar issues please let me know:

Diablo 3 Act 2->3 Cinematic
MissingThe CG cinematic that is supposed to occur following the defeat of Belial in Act 2 is missing from my game. I've played through the quest, talking to all of the appropriate characters multiple times and all that happens each time is I appear at the keep under siege from Azmodan. For some reason the cinematic is missing both during playthrough and when I go back into my cinematics menu. Any help would be much appreciated.

Greetings.Thank you for submitting this Bug. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to bring this to our attention.You can check out bug status and even submit/contribute to existing bugs via http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/. In the meantime, I would suggest the following:From the main menu, select the character that beat Belial, and from the Quest selection, pick the quest that is relevant to that event. Redo that quest, and you will be able to view the cinematic again and (hopefully) get it saved to your cinematics menu. In general, bugs like this can be resolved by simply doing the criteria over again (similar for achievements). I apologize for the added inconvenience, but hey...more chance at loot, and you keep your current character progress!Thanks again for your contribution and effort to keep Diablo 3 running smoothly.Cheers, Game Master InvervyrCustomer SupportBlizzard Entertainmentwww.blizzard.com/support

I've taken those troubleshooting steps multiple times to no avail. Act 3 is still missing the video and actually only 1 cutscene has been logged into my cinematics section after having been played through over 3 times. So to clarify, I've played through and beat the end of Act 2 at least 7 times with the subsequent cinematic missing (all I have is the Adria cinematic) and then after I talk to the caravan leader I immediately appear atop the keep in Act 3 instead of being shown the cutscene.

Greetings!Thank you for contacting the Game Master Department!! I apologize for being unable to get in touch with you while you were online. /hugFrom the information you've provided, it sounds like some part of your installation missed the Cinematics file necessary for the end of Act 2. My honest suggestion at this point would be to completely remove the game from your computer, and reinstall either by the Dvd disc that came with your box, or via the "manage your games" options after logging into your account at our website, us.battle.net, if you purchased the digital copy. With a fresh install, you can be sure that all the necessary game files will be properly copy and applied directly onto your computer. :DRegardless, I do hope that helps answer your question and if you have any others, please don't hesitate to contact us again! <3Best wishes, Game Master RhiethornBlizzard Entertainmentwww.blizzard.com/support

Sad face. That sounded like a great bit of troubleshooting but alas the Act 2 cinematics remain in whatever netherrealm they appear to be hiding in. I did a full install again (this time through the battlenet client as opposed to the DVD that I used for the first install), played through Act 2, and at the end the cinematics were still missing. Not sure what else there is to do in this case as it appears this section of the game just hates me.

Hello,If you have not yet please post this issue in the Diablo 3 bugs forum. This way our developers and Quality Assurance staff will have the information to be able to work on fixing the issue. Diablo 3 bugs forum: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/. If you need additional assistance please click the green "I Still Have A Problem" button, or feel free to call Account & Technical Services. Our contact information can be found at http://blizzard.com/support/article/cs."While you are venturing deeper into the labyrinth you may find tomes of great knowledge hidden in there. "Account & Technical Services Rep AmekynoCustomer ServicesBlizzard Entertainmentwww.blizzard.com/support

And that leads me here, no progress, still missing cinematics. Please help

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If you read the rules, bumping posts for the sake of just bumping them tends to get threads deleted. Just giving you fair warning man.

The blue in charge of this forum claims to read all posts whether or not he responds so bumping is unnecessary.
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I'm having the same problem. But my missing cinematics is from act I to act II (or act II intro). Now everytime I finish act I I get no cinematic. And the cinematic menu never shows the cinematic listed.
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Did you get the digital down load, or install game from disk.
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Same problem here... And I got it through digital download.
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I installed from disc and also noticed this. First they're in the desert, then they're on some random tower in the snow. Buh?
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I am having the same issue..
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I encounter the same problem too.

Mine is digital download and missing the act 2 and 3 cinematics.

I 1st cleared act 2 using my friends computer and the cinematic appear, but when i went back to using my own computer, and clear act 2 again, it just jump straight to act 3 without the cinematic.

Tried redoing a few times again on normal and nightmare mode but the cinematic just will not appear.
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Im having the same problem! Missing cinematics act II to act III (act III intro).

Please help :(
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I have the same problem!!

The first time I finished the game I did see all the cinematics and all got saved on cinematics menu. Then I changed language and there were no cinematics. I thought that by doing all on nightmare i was getting them unlocked again, but... every time it was suppose to be a cinematic it just skip out to next act or quest.

I have tried all even reinstalling the game or rechanging language but it didn't work.
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Same for me and my friend.

Anyone come up with a fix yet?
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This is likely irrelevant, but if you play between 2 different computers the cinematics are "unlocked" locally. I play mostly on desktop but when I first got to Act III, on laptop, I skipped the cinematics accidentally, so I went to check the cinematics list. From the cinematics menu Act III cutscenes are listed, but none from Act I or II Conversely on my desktop, Act I and II scenes are all listed, but not Act III since I triggered it from my laptop.

If this is the case for anyone that might've been it. In general, CGs don't seem to play when you replay a quest moving from Act to Act, either.
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Here's a fix:

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i have the same problem
played thru entire normal without skipping anything but my entire act 2 video is missing
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Thank you @Oryon007 !! it works for me.

Here's a fix:


I'll put the solution given by @MadMike below:

*SPOILER ALERT* This unlocks all the cinematics. Even the ones you haven't seen yet. Back up the file before editing if you want to be able to revert it.

Okey. Well here's a small workaround you could try:

Open My Documents\Diablo III\D3Prefs.txt (for win7/vista, not sure where it is in xp or os-x) in notepad and change the "PlayedCutscene" lines to (or add them if they are missing)
PlayedCutscene0 "31"
PlayedCutscene1 "31"
PlayedCutscene2 "23"
PlayedCutscene3 "143"

Also right-click the file and check the properties so it isn't set to read only for some reason.

Note that this unlocks all cinematics so if you don't want to spoil anything don't watch them all :)

Edit: make sure the game isn't running while you change this.
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This file can be found in the following location on Mac OS X installs:

~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/Diablo III
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