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I've got the same error anybody with any solution?
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got same error this is bs what garbage i did not pay for this nonsence they have this bs trouble
they better fix ther web site cant log into d3 blocked my account for no reason this is bs
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same here as well
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Same problem here and I'm in the eu zone. Did anyone get to fix it?
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i am facing the same problem as you.
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I have play Starcraft2 for a year in SEA and never had this error but when I purchased Diablo3 just for 3 days ago (America server) I got 42003 error for 2 times now. It's makes me unhappy to change my password.
Fix it please..
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i have the same problem but i solved it after installing authenticator in my iphone (free)
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same problem. sc2 still works but with diablo its incompetence error 42003.
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I too just purchased the game and yet I'm not able to play due to alleged recent in-game activity. This is my first and only purchase of a Battlnet game and seeing as I can't play a game I purchased, it will be also be my only purchase.
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Im not sure if it will work for you too guys but i solved the problem.
I forgot my secret pass and the reset not work,i search on internet with no results and so i download the blizzard authenticator application for my cellphone,now if you connect your battlenet account with the authenticator when you login with your username and pass instead of the error message you should get a new icon where you must write one of the random codes of the authenticator.
Now you should be able to play without problems.
N.B.FOR ME and my account works,i really don't know for you guys.
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same here i reset hundred time still old same sXXt,
SMS me verification code olso can be wrong and error.
i got two computer in my room WITH same IP address
still can call suspicious activity has locked my account.
So how can we play out like lan-shop.

i have problems changing password can't think of any word
all the number or word all use up....sad
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My computer HD crash and need to install again Diablo 3 on a different hard drive and its gving me this error, already change my password several times but still no avail.please fix this..
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I was away from Diablo 3 for some months and now I'm having the EXACT same issue OP posted about.

I already reset my password various times. When I try to log into the game, and it goes through "Authenticating process", then it forces me to either answer the Secret Answer (which I don't remember) or go to the site. Then I go to the site and it gets me to reset my password, starting the cycle all over again...

PLEASE help me and help yourselves keep your customers.
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Every few days i get error 42003 and its really annoying, can some1 pls help?
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You have to send in a picture of your I.D. to blizzard with a message saying unlock my account if you cant remember secret question and lost your CD key like i did and i am also pissed off with this security bull sh!t in the words of ben franklin Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety(nothing is unhackable), deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. i.e. blizzard get rid of this stupid sh!t or your customers will get angry for it neither helps your game clients or hinders hackers from stealing their stuff so please get your heads out of your a$$e$ then get off them and actually help these clearly unsatisfied people we shouldn't need to seach google for hours or redeem a technichal support ticket for a arbitrary useless security bug
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Attempting to log into Diablo 3 gives the me error 42003, telling me that suspicious activity has locked my account.

The thing is, I've unlocked my battle.net account. Several times. All night. For hours now. Constantly. Over and over.

Is my account unlocked or locked, because battle.net letting me pop in and out with ease tells me I'm good to go, but Diablo 3's persistence that I'm suspicious and my account is still locked is obviously telling me the opposite.

I just purchased this game tonight. Do not make me regret such a thing, as I really enjoy this game, but right now, Blizzard, something needs to be made clear to me. What exactly is going on?

Will I ever be able to sign on in? Battle.net says I'm unlocked and my Diablo 3 account status says I'm good to go, but Diablo 3 itself is telling me to shut up and sit down.
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