Diablo® III

On to act 3...

So... I have soloed act 2. It wasn't easy, but it's done. I can now farm elite packs and Belial + the Kullest Kukumber in diablo. Now it's on to act 3.

My first experience was met with a solid !@# kicking. I was however able to kill an elite pack, but only by using cheesy tactics. Basically from here I am just trying to figure out what I should set my sights at as far as resists/armor is concerned.

Right now I have 12k damage, 41k hp, ~900 in all resists and 7732 armor, with warcry + impunity, 14.4% dodge and 15% block.

So from here basically I'm just wondering how you other barbs are trying to gear for A3. Personally I think I'm going to try and pick up a justice lantern and a helm of command for the +block. Then a stormshield, and eventually a better 1hander (830 dps now). Any other recommendations?

Also this is my build.
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Low HP unless you are running life gain on hit, low armor, as you said your block is fairly horrendous. Stormshield or a high block (28+) 3,7-4,7k amount well statted shield will do.

I'd swap iron hide for overpower, leap for charge, so that you can cycle defensive CDs and thus tank much better. Kite when CDs aren't up. Weapon master provides less DPS than zerk rage when you have no fury dump, ruthless provides more if you have good crit/crit damage. Nails armor passive is pretty much straight up better than superstition, as phys is the highest dmg output vs a correctly played barb
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