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Bump, we need ponyland.
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100 Troll Priest
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03/02/2014 04:26 PMPosted by Choklar
Hate to necro this post, but I think this item is bugged as of 2.0.1. I just started looking for the staff items and this is the last one I need. I've killed Chiltara about five times now and the Gibbering Gemstone has not dropped at all.

same here, but i have killed her more times than that.
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2 days for at least 100 farming with no gemstone.And for at 100 times the Cheetah only apppear 3 times...If there is a contest then I think this game must hate me the most.
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I've killed Chiltara a couple of times and the Gibbering Gemstone has not dropped. Blizzard, fix this please.
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100 Blood Elf Mage
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Yeah i'm having the same problem, i've been farming for 2 days straight, over 200 runs, and still haven't gotten it. Hope blizz fixes this.
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k so this is my 4th day of farming 6 hours a day still no gibbering gemstone fix it for !@#$s sake your just pissing off your community 100% drop rate my %^- i killed her about 37 times now. not to mention the 400 times i went in the caverns of frost level 2 and wasnt spawned.
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There is a blue post somewhere that explains that the droprate is bugged (very low chance) and will be 'eventually' fixed in 'a future' patch. Hope you guys aren't too much in a hurry :(
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i been at that all day last night and it wasnt dropping i was like is this bugged? i hope its fixed soon
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100 Troll Mage
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I have just spent a massive amount of time farming this very last drop. I have probably over 100 runs (Over 2 days) into the place and only about 5-6 times has he spawned and not a single drop. I finally asked in general about the drop rate when I was informed it is possibly bugged. Imagine my horror to come here and see so many others having the same issue.

Blizzard, we have put in our time. We should

A) log in to see the gem in our inventory
B) When the bug is patched a (Much) higher spawn rate on Chiltara and a 100% drop rate at least for a few weeks.

Sadly I know this won't happen but in my mind, I feel so entitled to waking up to see this in my inventory. I am a terrible person.

Pretty please?
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
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so much time invested..so little results.. :(
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Such a terrible drop rate, have been hitting this area for like 4 days now and only found Chiltara for 4 time, 4 TIMES imagine the rate, its terrible and I've not drop at all ~ BLIZZARD please fix this, its so unfair as those previous version 1.0 has almost 100% drop rate.. don't just brush us off just saying it stills DROP .. its so unfair to us new players
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Sincel 5 days im farming for gibbering gemstone, i reloaded map 1000 times for "the caverns of frost", i cleared 100 times lvl1 and lvl2 of the caverns and i killed chiltara over 10 times. Is it normal that i've never found the gibbering stone?

so, fix this bug or give me explications!
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I've been farming for this all day for about 9 hours. I've been going between this and the Liquid Rainbow, at least I found that one. I hope the Staff itself is a more common drop
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I knew this was extremely rare (difficult isn't the right word when it's simply a matter of chance), so I decided to keep track of my efforts. 45 runs so far. Chiltara spawned 31 times. NO DROPS! None... I'd prefer they make it a difficult quest that results in near-death experiences rather than rolling the dice every time and hoping it comes up Gibbering Gemstone.
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Every time I get into the cavern the monster appears. 100% spawn rate. After 30 kills, no gemstone. Wtf is this crap?
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I'm into the low three figures killing Chiltara on every difficulty level (Normal to T6) and no drops. I have two Liquid Rainbows and three Leoric Shinbones - at least let us stack those items. :)
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Been looking for days. Over 200 games on all difficulties and both game modes. Nothing! I find Chiltara pretty often. Probably 90% of the time but no darn Gibbering Gemstone. I don't think it even exists in the caverns of frost at this rate!
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